By Yuka / Last update September 25, 2020

In this rapidly developing information age, in fact, all computers and their components are subject to failure. In this case, the best countermeasure is to do some backup with professional data backup software, which can be used for data recovery if something disastrous happens. However, some computer users as well as some businesses just over look the importance of data backup, and they would regret if some of their important data loses. Next, the importance of backing up will be discussed in detail.

Significance of Backup

As for the importance of backup, we can begin with the negative effects of some disasters, such as, significant data loss, system crash, etc. If you have created backups regularly, you can restore operating system or data to the precious state with the image file backed up before. If not, you have to reinstall the operating system, which would cost you a lot of precious time. Or you have to do some complex jobs, if you lost some important files about work and so on.

And, today there are many options available for businesses as well as personal users to complete the operations of backup and restore tasks. However, choosing the right software is also very important. And next, an excellent can free data and hard drive backup software will be recommended.

Excellent Backup Freeware

In order to back up hard drive as well as data perfectly, AOMEI Technology has released an excellent backup freeware - AOMEI Backupper. It has three main functions: backup, restore and clone. As for backup, there are three ways: full, incremental and differential backup. And during the process of clone, the specially designed feature of "partition alignment" can help to optimize the performance of SSD. In addition, it has many other assisting functions as well, such as, image file explorer, image checking, bootable CD, and so on.


The picture above is the main interface of this powerful tool.

Therefore, just download this freeware to ensure the safety of data immediately.