By Jessie / Last update December 25, 2014


Why we need to backup our files in the computer? Are you sure that your computer system will never fail? Of course, we hope it won’t, but the reality is cruel. We’ve seen many people regret not making a backup of their valuable files. So for a wise user, making backup of his computer files is compulsory. File backup freeware and disk backup freeware from third party companies seem to be available for them to do their own backup. Today we’d like to introduce you software that allows you to do file/system/driver backup, freeware - AOMEI Backupper.


  • Backup

You may backup your system/partition/disk with the backup function. In order to let you manage the image file in a more advanced way, you can choose the method you would like to create the backup image with, such as DVD media, mobile external hard drive or another partition. Also, for some users who do not have large space for storage, the compression level of the image file can be coordinated before you start the backup process.

  • Restore

If something bad happens to your computer, the recovery is easy-to-use. Choose the image file first, then decide on which partition you would like to do the recovery. The rest of work is only waiting. The whole process is safe enough. You don’t need to worry about losing data.

  • Clone

For the users who happened to upgrade their hard drive, clone functions could be rather helpful. You may clone your system or other data to the new hard drive. And you can also coordinate the size for the partitions on the new hard drive with this function.

main interface

Coming Soon

In order to provide the users with a safer and more convenient way to backup, the online backup function will be added in AOMEI Backupper in the near future. Like Windows online backup service offered by Microsoft, AOMEI will also use our servers to make sure users’ data safety.


As mature and complete freeware specialized in computer backup, AOMEI Backup does offer the users some practical and powerful function. The layout of each interface is simple and clear, this makes that even the light users can do the backup on their own. For you to realize files/partitions/drivers backup, freeware like AOMEI Backupper may be the handiest tool.