Best Backup Program, Backupper-AOMEI

November 6, 2019

There may be many software dealing with backup, but aomei is the best program I’ve used among them. It’s rich functions are talked in detail.

As disk capacity is getting larger and larger, files and data can easily managed and stored. Sometimes its to find some file in particular folders, yet it’s hard to located some of others when small size data are downloaded. Although it’s small size, it’s important.

Like the office files, they may not take much capacity, but they do matters to us. What can we do if those files are lost or anything happened to hard drive? I think all that we can do it to make a backup.

AOMEI Backupper

This application, open source backup software, carries with 52 Mb capacities supporting all system, while 14.3 Mb for Windows 7. As free backup software, it’s small in size, but with rich functions, mainly of which are: Backup; Restore; Clone.

Interface of Backupper

1. Backup Features:

This is what we talked about in the beginning of this article. Backup Features are including: System Backup; Disk Backup and Partition/Volume Backup

To do backup free, let’s go through those functions:

System backup: when purchasing a new disk, a hard drive, or sdd, it ok to reinstall a system on those disks, but it’s time consuming and may not success for first time install. Use this tool can make things easier, just one click to backup all system data.

Disk Backup: Disks including MBR,GPT, External hard drive, USB disk and Windows supported storage devices are supported. Data on those disks can be backup to other ones.

Partition and Volume Backup: if it is not necessary for you to back up the whole disk, partition or volume backup is also available. With this function, you can backup particular partitions.

It’s the best backup software in Windows 7

2. Restore Features:

Restore function is come with back up; everything you backed up can be restored when situations happen. Restore features are including: System Recovery; Disk and Partition Recovery; Selective file restore.

First two functions are corresponding function of Backup features. One this should pay attention to is the “Selective file restore”, it works well when you want some particular files or folders to restore.

3. Clone Features:

This one is also practical, functions includes Disk Clone; Partition and Volume Clone.

Maybe you think this one is of no difference to “Backup Features”, but it easier to use for replace old disks or migrate hard drive to new one.

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