By Jessie / Last update September 24, 2020

Situation May Happen Before Backup System Drive

The Computer now, is a daily use product for all of us around the world. Many problems may appear to us every day, some of them are small ones, we can solve them by few searcher and clicks; but some are troubles to us, we cannot be satisfied until we solve them perfectly. Take the recover software for example, in about every 2 month, pc get slower and slower, do not want to reinstall system, it’s time consuming and troublesome to find drives for everything.

How to Do Backup on Systen C Drive?

Do back up beforehand will solve the problem, click the restore option, the file or the whole system you backed up before will be back again, saved a lot of time

Besides, back up c drive in windows 7, other partition backups is also possible, since photos, videos and games will be stored in other disk. How to back those very file we concerned and how to do the backup in a safe way? Because we find out windows 8 system focus on social and sharing, those questions will occur to us occasionally.

Another thing we have to mention is that, Microsoft will stop serving Windows XP system after 2014, what we have to do to protect the system we loved for decades. Do not worry, AOMEI Backupper also support back up in windows XP, when finally we have to face no service on windows XP, all we have to do is click “restore” to run the system without losing any of our data


After download the freeware, we will find the simple but functional interface; soon we know what to do and how to operate.