By Jessie / Last update December 13, 2021


It’s even a bit cliche to say that computers nowadays play an extremely important role in daily life. More and more people have their personal items or valuable files saved on hard drive. Backup software may become a savior one day if the system crashes or files happen to be lost due to hard drive breakdown. To get hard drive backup/restore done fast and successfully, a professional computer system drive backup utility like AOMEI Backupper may be your best choice.

Main Functions

In order to restore your crashed hard drive, backup system function is the prerequisite. As the professional hard drive backup/restore freeware, AOMEI Backupper has optimized the backup function greatly and made it a very convenient utility. To using this function, you may click the backup tab on the main interface, then you will see three sub category listed: system backup, disk backup, partition and volume backup. Before you start back up, you can also set the password or choose the compression level. The image can be stored in a certain partition or on a DVD disc as you like.

Now we have a backup image, next we need to check the restore part. It’s even simpler than backup. You may just use the created backup image then the system/partition/disk will be restored to its previous state. The process is safe and fast.

main interface

In addition, for those who purchased a new larger hard drive disk and wanted to transfer its entire system from the old one to new one, AOMEI Backupper presents you clone system drive function. You don’t need to create an image first. It allows you to resize partitions during the process.


In summary, this backup/restore freeware provides the users with powerful fundamental functions with nice interface. You may learn more about it HERE.