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December 25, 2014

To protect our data in computer, doing backup is important. This page talks about ways of backup and compared each one. Aomei Backupper is functional easy to use.

Importance of back up.

We all hope that our pc will run smooth and with no problem happen, but sometimes it just crush or run virus on no reason. Our data needs secure, especially for which we spend large amount of time on. Therefore, data, important data particularly, must backup. There are many ways of backup file: you can do online backup, which now getting popular; or freeware backup. We will discuss them below.

How to Backup

With the rapid growth of technology, backup methods are getting various. Mainly there are two ways: You can do online backup or software backup. This paragraph will mainly discuss these two methods

1. Online backup: also known as “could backup”, it’s getting widely use in recent years. Basiclly, it’s backups your files in distant server, you can sync them at other place or use another device to download them. There are many cloud storage providers online, most of which start with 5GB free space and charge for more space. You can register in different website to enough their free space, but it’s not convenient to manage data. Hope there will be a solution to that.

Cloud storage, is the main trend in further, because its convenient and has larger space than normal USB flash storage. You can check any file in any device and upload new ones to cloud.

2. Backup software: Microsoft builds in backup and restore tool can backup and restore the operating system. However, it just has basic backup functions. There are still limitations in system backup by the default program, like, slow in backup speed, encryption and compression not available.

In backup marketing, software backup and cloud storage are separated. Are there any app or program that can make them as one to manage all free space I registered? I think that is what the backup field should in further develop. AOMEI is now working on that.

Better Way to Backup

AOMEI Backupper, a third party Backupper program can be the better choice dealing with data backup and recovery. Functions include restores and clone disk/partition with ease and safe. With the clear guide of this freeware, operations can be accomplished with ease. Let’s go through this software.

Interface of Backupper

  • 1. Disk/ partition/ volume backup: One-click back up of all data
  • 2 System/ disk/ partition recovery: after backup, you can restore your data quickly and easily
  • 3. Disk/ partition/ volume clone: Directly copy hard drive to another and create an exact duplication of partition or volume.

Advantage of local backup: you can do backup at anytime if new files are added or changed. AOMEI Backupper can do incremental and differential backup, which is time saving and easy data manage.

Download AOMEI Backupper.

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