By AOMEI / Last Updated November 6, 2019

Reasons for Computer System Backup

Generally, most things happen with one or more reasons. So does computer system backup, because no one would like to do this redundant or cumbersome job. Then what are the reasons exactly?

Among the multiple causes, one of the most common reasons is the physical failure of the PCs hard drive which we have everything saved on. Some one may say the hard drive can live for many years, yes, indeed, under the condition that there is no accident. But still, it will die eventually, sometimes even without any warnings. So the data still can not avoid losing.

In addition, many other reasons also can lead to data loss. For example, the computer's nightmare-electrical power failure can result in data's bug; the viruses picked up from the Internet can attack or wipe out all the existing data; the laptop theft may lose your information wholly; and the wrong files deleting or wrong software operation may also arouse a malfunction with your hard drive, etc.

If you encounter one of the situations above, what will you do? Reinstall the system? To be frank, it is not a wise method, because we can absolutely take a precaution in advance. That is to backup computer system with free PC backup software previously, and then if the bad news happened, we can restore it and get all information that we need.

Backup System Partition or Disk

Considering computer system backup is so important, Windows has added a built-in backup utility to accomplish it. But sadly, except its complex operations, it also lacks many advanced features and has some limitations. Therefore, a more ideal and friendly tool should be adopted by you. Here, I recommend AOMEI Backup Software.

This is a professional and free imaging software to deal with the task of backup and restore. Not only the partition but also the disk can be backed up. That is to say, if we need to backup computer system, we can make an image of the system drive, or the whole disk which the system deposits in. And this is also can be achieved by the function of cloning. It's quite convenient.

Usually, we can save the image files on a particular volume, but remember that the system partition can not be used as the destination; or we store them in CD or DVD, but what if only one is not enough? In this case, the good assistant permits us to split them into several parts and put them into different CD/DVD. Besides, if we want to provide constant protection for data and computer system, we can do incremental or differential backup at intervals.

Surely, there are more magic specialties in it. If you come to visit, they will show to you one after one. Download here!