By AOMEI / Last Updated November 6, 2019

About 64 Bit System

We often hear people talk about 32 bit system or 64 bit system. What is it on earth? To understand it, we need to know the meaning of 32/64 bit first: They both refer to the way that CPU handle information on computer. In 64 bit system, the CPU can deal with data of 64 bit every time.

If only see from the number of the name, some one may guess the 64 bit system is advanced than 32 bit system. Actually, it is. 64 bit system have more advantages than the older one, for example, it has more powerful ability of finding the data's address; it can support the internal memory up to 16GB while 32 bit system only can be available most for 4GB; it can store the processes of swapping in/out of memory in RAM instead of on the hard disk to improve the program performance; it can extract 64 bit data which is twice as high as 32 bit system theoretically, and so on.

AOMEI Backupper to Backup 64 Bit System

Even though there are still many users using 32 bit system presently, with so many progresses, the popularity of 64 bit system is inevitable, only a matter of time. But currently many existing software are only adequate for the earlier system, not compatible with 64 bit one, like the backup software. But if we must do the backup for our computer's safety, what can we do then? Is there such a tool that can aid us back up 64 bit system?

Surely, there is. AOMEI Backupper is the one we need. This professional backup program can help us to avoid the system problems, like system failure and crash, viruses or hacker's invasion, etc, by dint of backing up the system before and restore it later without reinstalling the OS. What's more, if we want to only back up the changed or added files on the partition after the first backup, the option of incremental backup and differential backup can satisfy us. This help to save much time as well as protect the computer persistently. In addition, it also can back up or clone disk simple and safely.

Here is a picture of its interface, just have a look.

See? It is beautiful, friendly and easy to operate. So if you choose it as your assistance, you will not be disappointed. Download here!