An Automatic System Backup Free Software for Windows 8, 7, V

December 25, 2014

Automatic system backup is a basic function that can be found in many backup software, however, any advanced backup program should maintain its unique features which may hold a slight difference to others. This article will introduce you a powerful freeware which I believe to be a helpful automatic system backup software.


Question: I use a paid software to backup all of my desktops, including my HDD. I have had to restore my computers and HDD regularly at certain interval (roughly once a week), so far, it performs very well and this has been really helpful, but it probably takes almost about an hour to do the full process.

Well, my questions finally come up: Is there some software available that will not only do automatic system backup but also save those files to an external hard drive automatically on a regular basis, say, twice a week? If there is, then, how long will it take to do those tasks? And can it be installed onto a removable HDD?

Answer: This is a common question that was asked in every forum where a bunch of computer experts gathered. To answer this question, I tried several similar commercial software. Embarrassingly short of money, the software I tested are all free.

And here is my summing-up: most of the free backup software on the market (even the windows built-in Backup and Restore) can realize system backup, however, there are still some defects among them, such as Windows Backup and Restore can and only can backup the system partition, while some third softwares can not set schedule for automatic backup. What worse but not easy to notice is that some software only support files by files backup which may lack a meticulous backup process compared with sector by sector backup.

Sector by Sector Automatic System Backup Software

Through contrast analysis, I consider free backup software - AOMEI Backupper is the most stable as well as convenient backup assistant. Because it not only offers a powerful schedule for sector by sector system backup, but also supports creating bootable media and restoring from DVD/CD and Flash Drives.

After the appraise, I find this freeware even support compress and encrypt my backup image files, with these features I can shrink the image package as well as strengthen my privacy. In a word, the one-click backup system feature of AOMEI Backupper makes easier the upcoming operation.

AOMEI Backupper

Tips for Choosing Automatic System Backup Software

  • Ability to set a diversified schedule for system backup
  • One-click restore system image files
  • Incremental/differential backups supported
  • Offer compressing service for image files
  • Stable and easy-to-use


Although i consider AOMEI Backupper includes all these features that was listed above, since that vary with each individual in experience and habit, wise see wisdom, the question of which software is the best one for automatic system backup is also a question with no standard answer. For this reason, all the suggestions and opinions are nothing more than my personal views, so I hope this article would serve as a modest spur to induce your valuable conclusion. For more detailed schedule backup tutorial, please click "How to Schedule Windows Backup".