Why Transfer Files from iPhone to PC?

iPhone users will one day find themselves need to copy files from iPhone to PC due to various reasons:

  • Copy contacts from iPhone to PC as backup;
  • Transfer photos from iPhone to PC for post-processing;
  • Save songs from iPhone to PC to free up storage space, and so on.

iTunes is the default iPhone management tool, however, it only allows PC to iPhone one-way synchronization. That’s why iPhone to PC transfer software is needed.

Reliable iPhone to PC Transfer Software

FoneTool is professional iPhone to Windows file transfer tool, and it provides an easy way to transfer important data to PC.


It’s simple and easy without any complex interface - transfer can be completed in a few clicks.

Lossless Transfer

Transfer the original files from iPhone to PC without loss of quality.

Files Are Readable

The transferred files can be opened and you can view them at any time.

Transfer What You Want

Preview and choose the data on your iPhone to transfer what you really need.

Fast Transfer Speed

The file transfer speed from iPhone to PC is faster than most other software on the market.

Professional R&D Team

More than 100 engineers in the R&D team provided solid technical support.

iPhone Data Transfer to PC in 3 Steps

  • In FoneTool, click Transfer to Computer.
  • Choose the files you want to transfer to PC.
  • Select the storage path and start the transfer.

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