Restoring iPhone from Backup the Way You Want

Data loss happens every day and we cannot avoid. The only measure we can take is to backup iPhone more regularly. As long as we have backup safely stored, we can restore the backup back to device whenever we want.

To make things simple, FoneTool offers an easy way for you to backup and restore iPhone data. You can restore selected backup files to your iPhone without resetting or data loss. Meanwhile, it’s also possible to restore the backup content to a new iPhone.

Restore Selected Files to iPhone

Once you have backed up your iPhone with FoneTool, you can preview and select the data you need to restore as you like.

FoneTool makes it easy enough for you to find the right backup from the backup list that shown the backup date, backup type, backup size, etc.

What’s more, the restore process will not erase any existing data on your device no matter you choose to restore all backup content in 1-click or only the lost items.

Restore the Backup to New iPhone

Upgrade to a new iPhone and want to continue using data from the old iPhone? FoneTool also makes it possible to restore backup data across different iOS-system sevices.

You can simply restore old iPhone backup files to your new iPhone. Even if you've been using your new phone for a while, you can still perform the restoration safely without resetting the device.

How to Restore iPhone from Backup?

  • In FoneTool, click Back button.
  • Choose the type of data you would like to restore.
  • Start the process with one-click.

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The user-friendly interface makes FoneTool very easy to use. The tutorial has explained everything clear.

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