Why Convert HEIC to PNG?

HEIC (High Efficiency Image Coding) is a new standard format for storing images on Apple's mobile devices. It takes up mush less memory - 50% the size of JPEG files with no loss of quality. However, it is not compatible with various devices and websites.

PNG or Portable Network Graphic format is a good choice. It is a widely used lossless image compression format on the Internet. Once you convert HEIC to PNG, you can view the pictures on computer as before and easily share them to other platforms.

HEIC to PNG in Windows 10

How to Quickly Convert HEIC to PNG on Windows 10 Computer? Get your easiest way to convert HEIC to PNG on Windows 10 to view and use your HEIC files.

HEIC to PNG on Android

How to Losslessly Convert HEIC to PNG for Android Phone? HEIC files are not supported on Android. Convert HEIC to PNG before importing photos.

Batch Convert HEIC to PNG

How to Easily Batch Convert HEIC to PNG with High Quality? Feel tired of converting HEIC files one by one? You could have an easy way to batch convert HEIC to PNG.

What Makes AOMEI HEIC to PNG Converter A Good Choice?

To convert HEIC to PNG the easy way, AOMEI HEIC to PNG Converter - trusted by millions of users is able to complete the task quickly.


Simply drag and drop the HEIC files to Converter to start the converting.

Convert Live to Still

Convert live photos to still images that can be viewed on any device.

No Risk of Photo Leakage

Your photos will not be uploaded to Internet and the whole process will be completed on computer.

Fast Conversion

Supports batch converter to convert all files to save your precious time.

Lossless HEIC Converter

It will convert the HEIC files but retain the Exif Information of your pictures and will do no harm to the quality.

Professional R&D Team

More than 100 engineers in the R&D team provided solid technical support for the HEIC to PNG Converter.

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