Let Free iPad Backup Software to Protect Your Data

It’s a wise choice to backup iPad to prevent unexpected data loss. If you have the backup of the needed data, you can easily restore the lost ones to your device as if nothing ever happened.

Indeed you can backup iPad via iTunes or iCloud, however, both of those two methods will not allow you to only backup the type of data you really need. Besides, the restoration will erase the existing content on device.

Want a more flexible and safer way to achieve the goal? Try this free iPad backup software - FoneTool, it helps you backup iPad photos, music, videos, contacts, messages selectively.

Backup Your iPad the Way You Want

One-Click to Backup iPad

You are allowed to backup all of your iPad files to PC in one click so that you would never worry about data loss any more. It’s free for you to create a backup whenever you want and the new backup will not overwrite your previous backup.

Selectively Backup and Restore

FoneTool lets you preview files before backup to confirm what you really need to back up. Also, you can determine what you really need to restore instead of the full backup.

Full Backup or Incremental Backup

The full backup can occupy quite a few disk space. In this case, just create an incremental backup based on the full backup to only backup the newly added data to save both backup time and storage space of hard drive.

Flexibly Restore iPad Backup

Restore across Different iOS-System Device

Besides restoring the backup files back to your iPad, it’s also possible to restore to your iPhone or any other iOS devices.

Free Risk to Lose Data

Promise not to lose any existing device data during restore process. You can totally rest assured.

Smooth Backup Experience

Fast Backup Speed

Faster than most other software on the market: Backup 1000+ messages in 1min35s, Backup 2000+ contacts in 20s, ...


The user-friendly interface makes FoneTool very easy to operate. Everyone can handle it easily.

Backup iPad in Just 3 Easy Steps

  • In FoneTool, click Custom Backup.
  • Choose the type of data you would like to backup.
  • Start the process with one-click.

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