What Kind of Partitions Can Be Cloned?

In different fields, hard disk partitions can be sorted into different kinds. Following are some popular classifications and AOMEI Backupper is capable of cloning all of them.

  • System and data partition
  • Primary and logical partition
  • NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, EXT3, EXT2, etc. partition
  • GPT and MBR disk partition
  • Dynamic and basic disk partition

Tips:Partition is also called volume, especially in Disk Management. Thus, partition clone can also be called volume clone.

Why Need Partition Copy/Clone?

In most cases, partitions can be cloned for one or more of below reasons:

  • Backup important data or system (if it is a system partition).
  • Move partitions from an obsolete disk to an advanced disk, such as from HDD to SSD.
  • Create a volume snapshot working environment

Clone Partition with Best Free Partition Clone Software

AOMEI Backupper is a stable and robust backup & restore as well as clone program. It can do all things Windows Backup & Restore can do, and can further finish many other advanced operations in a few steps.
You are able to make an exact copy of a partition using the Partition Clone feature. Or you may create a partition image which can be restored later with the Partition Backup function. To learn more, please go to the Overview page.