Since the interface of Acer eRecovery Management is different in different operating systems, Windows 7, 8 or 10, here no pictures will be displayed in steps. Besides, the following steps are also general guidance, they may be slightly different in different OS.

Reset acer laptop to factory settings will erase all the data and personal settings on the machine. Thus, please move your crucial data out or make a backup of them before Acer hard reset.

Reset Acer Laptop in Windows

Step1. Type “acer recovery” in the search box and click “Acer Recovery Management” to open Acer Recovery Management. Or, just follow “Start” > “All Apps” > “Acer” folder > “Acer Recovery Management” to get access to Acer Recovery Management.

Step2. In its main window, click “Restore” on the left and then choose “Completely Restore to Factory Defaults”.

Step3. Then, follow the guidance and click “Yes”, “OK”, etc. to start Acer laptop recovery.

During and after the process, laptop will restart for several times. Finally, it will restart and ask you to setup the laptop just like the first time you get it.

Reset Acer Laptop out of Windows

Step1. Power on the laptop and press “ALT + F10” when its logo shows up until it reacts to your operation.

Step2. Then, it will boot to a blue screen that says "Choose an option." Select “Troubleshoot” to continue.

Step3. In the next screen, please click “Reset this PC”.

Step4.Choose remove files and continue to carry out Acer hard reset.

The laptop will also restart several times in the whole process and finally setups are needed.

Acer eRecovery Management Alternative

Sometimes, Acer eRecovery Management may not work or may be unavailable due to some reason, for example, built in recovery partition is destroyed or deleted. See more articles below.

Then, you can rely on a third party tool to replace Acer eRecovery Management. And, luckily, there is one called AOMEI OneKey Recovery. It is very like Acer eRecovery Management. Therefore, you do not have to worry about anymore if your Acer eRecovery Management is out of usage. Just get this software and have a try!

AOMEI OneKey Recovery