How to Create OneKey Recovery in Windows 8?

December 25, 2014

There are two ways to create OneKey Recovery for Windows 8, one is using built-in function with computer; two is using AOMEI OneKey Recovery. Comparing with other ways, AOMEI OneKey Recovery is better.

Windows 8 is very steady though, it is not possible that you can avoid system going wrong. Therefore, to create specific OneKey Recovery in Windows 8 is necessary. When it comes to that creating Windows 8 OneKey Recovery, seldom of friend will ask it is easy to create? Or it has solved our problem perfectly? Actually,you can trust us with 100%. the experts and technicians from AOMEI Tech which aiming to research on hard disk and partition can guide you how to manage your partition. According to what AOMEI Tech experts teach, there are two ways to create OneKey Recovery in Windows 8 computer---built-in function in Windows 8 and the third-party recovery software

How to create OneKey Recovery with built-in function in Windows 8

It is said that there is powerful and unique function-Open System Reset-built in Windows 8. “Open System Reset” is on the same Windows page with “system restore point” this function, and “Open System Reset” can help users Windows reset to factory setting . In general, it will uninstall all software and application you have installed, and restore Windows back to default setting. Certainly, You can select to reserve your user accounts’information and personal file. The running process is fast when you start “Open System Reset”, and it is about 2 Minutes to restore it. but this will depend on users’ computer configurations.

Judging from netizen’s comments, “Open System Reset” in Windows 8 is more useful and scientific than in Windows 7 and all Windows versions before. A lot of netizen set up a clean system configuration via creating a user account. But “there is a flaw”, the AOMEI Tech expert Mr. Mei point out, “actually regedit can’t be cleaned thoroughly.”

Had been searching for it online, this way seemed to be not popular among netizen, and the posts is not much. Whether this way works or not, if you have backup of system, you can try this way.

How to create OneKey Recovery with third-party software.

If you don’t believe some built-in function in computer, Mr. Mei recommends you that it is a not- bad way to create OneKey Recovery with third-party software. Indeed, with technology developing, some third-party software’s function are even beyond computer’s, besides, they are more convenient and easy for common users.

Mr. Mei will tell you how to create OneKey Recovery with third-party software. he sets his products-AOMEI OneKey Recovery—as an example. Due to laptop is becoming popular, so his interpretation will be around laptop.

First, you have to download, install, and launch AOMEI OneKey Recovery software in AOMEI website, and you will see the interface like the picture below. There are two button-backup and recovery-in the interface. To common users, they are very easy and simple to operate.


Second, if you have used AOMEI OneKey Recovery software, and back up system before, you can recover it anytime. Certainly, your computer will be restored to the state you backed up last time. if this is your first time to use this software, you must back up firstly. Mr. Mei select “backup” button as an example to tell you.


Third, you have to choose partition where you want to store your system image (that is system backup ). the free space in the partition you select must be larger than the used space in system partition.

Choose Partition

That’s it, you will see the preview effect of partition that finish backup, and all process in this back up will be running automatically. Is it easy? once you have backed up, AOMEI OneKey Recovery will be added to the computer bootable option. You can use it to restore your computer to its factory default or a previously backed up state by pressing "A" during the process of system startup.


AOMEI OneKey Recovery software can not only create OneKey Recovery for Windows 8, but also it can do it for all Windows version. the difference from computer branded software is that this software can supports backing up all types of laptops and computers, not just Lenovo laptops.

As mentioned above. I give you two ways to create OneKey Recovery for your computer. Actually, there are more than two ways to create OneKey Recovery for Windows 8. Of course you can use computer brand recovery software. but all users want to finish something with software easily, safely and quickly. If some skill take users much time and can’t be used to various place, it is better to uninstall such software and not to spend time to learn. Based on this psychology, AOMEI OneKey Recovery will be totally satisfy your demands. Professional computer knowledge and extra external hard disk are not required. The only thing you are required is that downloading this software and install.