By AOMEI / Last Updated December 30, 2014

Daniel, my friend, before he known there is one key recovery function, he sent his computer to repair and reinstalled computer system when his computer crashed. All software or applications installed in his C drive were formatted, of course, one key recovery included. The question asked by him was that if one key recovery is reinstalled, will system backup file work?

Some people may face some similar problems after you know this function, because when it means that they don't need send their computer to repair or ask friend to reinstall computer, just press specific key and computer system will be restored to the previous backed up status when your computer crashes. In theory, system backup file can be recovered if one key recovery is reinstalled. But, some manual reasons will affect theory, and make recovery software hard to recover system.

Which condition can let one key recovery run normally in theory?

One key recovery can be found in every new computer you buy, and it mainly replace the recovery disc due to a increasing number of computer competition. Usually, recovery partition has been created and stored computer, and it is hidden. When you startup one key recovery, system image, also named system backup file, can be recovered to C drive and computer system is the status that you were backing up. But to some one key recovery built in computer, especially some branded recovery programs, they have some flaws. In other words, computer should meet such conditions below, and then one key recovery will work.

  • The space of C drive will remain the former status, which is same with the status when users were backing up. if volume space of C drive is enlarged or reduced, it will make one key recovery malfunction.
  • The recovery function must be existing in computer. If the recovery partition is deleted or lost accidently, one key recovery can't save crashed system.
  • Branded recovery software only work in corresponding branded computer. don’t reinstall other branded software such as Lenovo one key recovery in Dell or HP computer, because it will disappoint you.

The conditions above is usually encountered by users, so, if computer is meet the condition above, congratulations, one key recovery can help to restore system. but if not, maybe there are some other thought should be considered.

How to solve it if computer does not meet the condition?

Just like the situation happening in my friend Daniel, there are a lot of ways to solve it. His computer is HP computer, and his computer are just reinstalled with new computer system, so, there are there ways that he can choose.

  • Using built-in"Backup and System" in computer.

In control panel, there is Backup and Recovery function to back up any files and data in your computer. users can enter it and choose backup C drive. the effect is similar with other backup software do. but this backup function is not different from the common backup software, that is it will backup computer system and store it in one place. When computer crashes, it won’t help you.

  • Using branded computer built-in one key recovery

To most of users, this way will be first thought flashing mind. HP computer users will seek for HP Backup and Recovery Manager. Yes, if computer is just reinstalled like my friend’s computer, branded one key recovery software will work. Users can download branded software and backup system again. But the condition must be met, or the system image will be rubbish that occupies computer space and that is nothing helpful to computer.

  • Using the third-party one key recovery

Comparing with branded recovery software, some third-party recovery software is more powerful. They are not designed for some specific branded computer, so, it is break the limitation that some software will work for some specific computer. As for space of C drive, maybe it is Achilles heel of branded one key recovery software, but to third-party one key recovery, is nothing. Users can change volume space of D drive according to what they need, because it won’t have any effect on system recovery. Of all third-party backup and recovery software, AOMEI OneKey Recovery is a most powerful and simplest one key recovery software.

OneKey Recovery

Powerful, means it has combined all strength of branded one key recovery, and you don't worry that some object factors can affect software’s function; simplest, suggests that it can be used all kinds of people, no matter you are computer geek or novice, you can learn how to use it in the shortest time.