By AOMEI / Last Updated June 21, 2016

It is all known that system backup is for protecting system. The purpose of system backup is to restore system when computer crashes, and give the maximum protection on system and data. But computer post “one key recovery key not work” when you want to restore system, how do you react? Under this circumstance, system backup seems to be an ornament. How to solve the problem that one key recovery not work? and make system backup useful? AOMEI OneKey Recovery will give you a satisfied answer.

Why one key recovery key not work?

Many branded computers have one key recovery software or program, and they are designed for corresponding computer brand. But there are a lot of limitations to cause system recovery not working. If the size of partition in computer has been changed, or computer system is re-installed, one key recovery software will malfunction. Even though your computer has been backed up, you have to kiss good bey to your recovery partition. That’s why computer inform “one key recovery key not work” when you press hot key.

How to solve one key recovery not working

There are different ways to resolve problems of different computer.

  • Lenovo one key recovery not working.


Situation: When you try to backup or restore system with Lenovo onekey recovery, it prompt:"Current System cannot support Back up".

Answer: If the computer is installed in pre-installed Windows 8 and you have changed partition structure in HDD (Hard Disc Drive), this error will occur as the normal functionality will be affected. Maybe you can use disc recovery tool to repair it, but seldom people will make it.

  • HP one key recovery not working

Situation: After partiton disk with partition manager, and I can't use it to restore system with HP onekey recovery?

Answer: You changed the HP custom MBR when you edited the partitions, not sure if you can recover that function since it is part of the MBR. you can repair your computer by booting from a W7 install DVD or make a System Repair disc.

Another way to resolve that one key recovery key not work?

To solve such problem, you have to use a software that can’t be influenced by the size of partition or re-installing system to back up system. AOMEI OneKey Recovery can meet all demands.

Use AOMEI OneKey Recovery to restore system.

The premise that use AOMEI OneKey Recovery to restore system is that you have to use it to back up system firstly. You can download AOMEI OneKey Recovery to create AOMEI recovery partition, and then, you can restore system anytime.

There are two ways to launch AOMEI OneKey Recovery program. If your computer crashes and it can’t boot, you can press A or F11 to enter AOMEI One Key Recovery after starting computer, and then, restore system. If your computer can boot normally, you can click on the icon of AOMEI OneKey Recovery to launch it.

Step 1. You can see the interface as the picture below. Please click on “OneKey System Recovery” to restore system.


Step 2. There are two ways to restore system,and which one you choose to restore depends on which way you used to back up system. If you backed up system to AOMEI recovery partition before, you can choose the first option-”Restore system by using image file in a recovery partition”; if you backed up system to other location before, you have to the choose the second option-”Restore system by selecting a system image file”. In this article, the first option is set as an example to show you how to recover system. After selecting the first option, please click on “Next”.


Step 3. By default, system image will be restored to the original partition (usually C:drive and reserved partition) . After choosing, please click on “Start Restore”.

Tip: If you want to restore to other location, please tick the option at the lower left, and choose other partition or disk as the destination location to restore system.


Only three steps, It helps you restore system image easily and safely. The advantage of AOMEI OneKey Recovery is can’t be affected by the size of partition. Comparing with branded software, it won’t inform that one key recovery key not work if you change the size of partition, or re-install system.