By AOMEI / Last Updated December 29, 2014

Computer turns black or blue, and whatever you do, computer always can’t be started. Or when you run some applications, computer always prompt you that script error, and so on. When such situations happened to you, what should you do? One key recovery may be first solution hitting your mind. Yes, the reason why one key recovery built in computer is designed is for solving such problem. But if your computer one key recovery software or function did not work under this circumstance, what would you do? Maybe you think it is funny, because it can’t happen. In face, it may happen, and the probability is a little high.

Why one key recovery does not work?

One key recovery is the program that back up your system and restore the system that backed up previously. After you back up the system when computer is in good condition, and then, you can restore system back to the previous status anytime. It is like a saver for crashed computer. but if your computer happens the situation, maybe one key recovery will be useless ornament in your computer.

OneKey Recovery does not work

  • You changed the volume space of drive C. In many branded computer, if drive C has been changed, recovery software or function can’t be used.
  • The recovery partition has been deleted. The rationale of recovery software is similar: Recovery software must back up system and create recovery partition where system image is stored, when you start recovery, the system image will be recovered into drive C. So, if the recovery partition is deleted, of course, one key recovery can’t work.
  • Some model of computer has been reinstalled. If computer is reinstalled system, one key recovery does not work, unless the reinstalled system is from the disc that was attached with computer you buy.
  • Hardware has been damaged. It is very serious problem, and it means that you have to send your computer to repair, or buy new computer.

If your computer encounters such problem above, you can be sure that one key recovery does not work.

How to rescue the system if computer have encountered the problem above?

In some branded computer, there is a recovery software. But, though one key recovery built in computer is powerful and is a specific tool for branded computer. it can’t be helpful in front of problems. There are two ways to help you rescue crashed system:

  • Sending computer to repairing shop. That’s no choice, and don’t forget let technician make a new system backup.
  • Reinstalling system with ghost file by yourself. It is very easy and you can download it in internet. What’s the important, it is freeware.
  • The problems and solutions mentioned above mainly bases on branded recovery software. for example, if you use HP backup and recovery software in HP computer, HP recovery software will not work in front of the problem above. But if you use the third-party recovery software, maybe the probability that one key recovery does not work will be decreasing.

The third-party one key recovery can work under many special condition

Of third-party one key recovery software, AOMEI OneKey Recovery is not designed for any kind of branded computer, but it can be installed in any computer or laptop. What’s more, its function has been beyond all branded recovery software, and makes up their shortcomings.

  • You can recover system back to the previous backup status anytime, and this process can’t be intervened by drive C’s volume space. Whatever you extend or shrink drive C, only drive C has enough space, AOMEI OneKey Recovery software can work.
  • The computer that is reinstalled system still can be recovered by AOMEI OneKey Recovery. Which even can recover it across OS. If the system status you back up is Wins XP, and the reinstalled system is Wins 8, after you recover system in computer, the operating system can changed from Win 8 to Wins XP.
  • If you deleted your recovery partition, it seems be impossible that you can’t use recovery software. But to AOMEI products, it is very easy. You can installed AOMEI Partition Assistant, and recover the deleted partition by the function “Partition Recovery”. After the recovery partition is recovered, you can use AOMEI OneKey Recovery to recover the system.

The shortcomings of branded recovery software is right advantage of AOMEI OneKey Recovery. Unexaggeratedly speaking, AOMEI OneKey Recovery is the best tool in all one key recovery software. Here are tips to notice you: if you insist to use branded recovery software, and recovery partition is deleted, you can try the last advantage of AOMEI OneKey Recovery.