How to Make a Recovery Partition for Windows 7?

July 12, 2016

Making a recovery partition can help you recover system partition when your Windows 7 compter crashed. AOMEI Onekey Recovery can help you make a recovery partition in window 7 easily.

With computer used, a growing number of files and data are digitalized. To everyone who use computer, apparently, computer partition is very important, because it is a platform to store data or run applications. If partition can’t be recognized in computer, maybe it will be big terrible.

Computer screen is always black when I start it.

My colleague Mary Chen encountered a thing that drove her crazy. Last Friday, she went to work as usual. after she start her Windows 7 computer, she went to toilet room. Surprise, the computer screen was black when she came back, but the light of computer server and screen was on. She checked all wires connecting to computer, and everything is fine. There was only reason to explain that her computer crashed. she sat into chair and complaint all the day: ”that’s terrible!”. The technician told her there was no way but install operating system to solve it. She was so anxious that cry. A lot of data and files were in computer and they were not backed up.

Why should we backup partition data and files?

Some people who don’t pay attention to backup, they always ask such problem that why I backup partition data? They can’t understand how important until they find their files has gone or can’t be open. Summarize the suggestion and idea from netizens. There are some reasons you have to backup:

  • There are many important files and data in computer, especially to someone who work on sale or economy, etc. if computer crashes or data is lost, the lost thing is not only data, but also money and time.
  • Most data and files in computer are private. Once computer is sent to computer repair shop when it crashes, all private things are probably leaked. The probability of leaking is much high. If you have care about entertainment, you will know many celebrity privacies were exposed because of that reason.
  • The charge of repair is much expensive. even a little mistake in computer, it will be boasted a huge problem, and you will take a lot of money. Actually, most of problem are easy to solve and you can solve by yourself. Such as making a recovery partition is one of the way to solve.

Due to the above factors, most users choose to make recovery partition windows 7. If you want to upgrade to WIndows 10, it is impreative to create windows 7 recovery disk. If you are regret upgrading, there is a chance to restore system to Windows 7.

How to backup files and data in partition?

In network age, backup is very important. Summarize some tips in internet, and publish it as following below:

  • Copy important data and files to other external storage device. once computer crashes or data loss, you can use file in other computer.
  • Upload important data and files in cloud storage. You can use data in any computer that is connecting to internet.
  • Backup data and files with a third-party software, such as AOMEI backupper. You can use that backup to anywhere.

Most of common users are using the following ways above to backup data and files. Indeed, they are very easy and convenient for users. But there are also flaws in backup. All data and files must be divided from computer. If someone can’t backup data to external storage device, once computer crashes, he or she would cry and ask why?

For solving this problem, One-Key recovery were designed for users. It is to backup system partition. After you used it, it will create system recovery options windows 7 and add it to bootable function. You will see an prompt words when you start computer- “if you want to recover system, please press F11 or A”, etc. If you use Lenovo computer, you may know there is a Lenovo One-Key Recovery. You can also use it to backup your system.

lenovo onekey recovery

Make a recovery partition in Windows 7

Lenovo One-Key Recovery is known to people around the world. But, unfortunately, not all computer users can use Lenovo One-Key Recovery to make a recovery partition. Because it only support Lenovo computer.

Actually, besides Lenovo One-Key Recovery, many third-party software have such function that can make computer backup system and recover it easily. Of such software, AOMEI One-Key Recovery is not-good one. AOMEI OneKey Recovery is a kind of insurance policy for your Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10, but it supports backing up all types of laptops and computers, not just Lenovo laptops. Moreover, this program can help you to create make recovery partition windows 7 in case of your system crashes, and you can use it to restore your computer to its factory default or a previously backed up state by pressing "A" or "F11" during the process of system startup. Only four steps can finish the process of backup.

Step 1. Download, install and launch AOMEI One-Key Recovery, and then, click “backup” this button to back up your system.

Click Button

Step 2. You can select partition where you will create the factory recovery partition.

Select Partition

Step 3. Preview the effect that windows 7 system recovery partition, which will be invisible to protect the data and files. If you are sure this partition where you will create, you can click “Start Backup” this botton.

Start Backup

Step 4. The only thing you should do is to wait the process finishing, and then backup process is over.


Comparing backup tool, it is more easy and convenient for people to operate. once you make a recovery partition with AOMEI OneKey Recovery, you will see system recovery options windows 7 when computer starts up, and press "F11" or "A" to enter software to restore system image.