By AOMEI / Last Updated December 29, 2014

HP recovery freezes when I prep restoring factory image

A user had the recovery disks for my laptop, and tried to run them to restore his laptop to factory settings. But, after putting in the second disk, it frozen and was stuck at 0%. According to the prompts from software, Hard drive’s windows partition was formatted, and files were restored to the hard drive. But the progress was 0%, or prompt will be “Please wait”, and cancel buttons are grayed out.

This phenomenon is seldom, but some users that encounter such problem will be very angry. How to fix it? Is there other easier ways to restore factory image.

How to solve such problem?

There are some reasons causing this problems.

  • laptop is not connected to power adaptor. During recovery, there is no power to supply computer and it shuts down automatically.
  • Restoring discs haven’t burned correctly.
  • The hard drives, such as CD/ DVD burner or other things, are damaged.

In general, the reasons are complicated, the best way is to send computers to check what the problem is. Of course, if you just want to restore system image, you can use the easier way-HP recovery manager.

Use HP recovery manager to restore system factory image

Being a branded computer, HP computers are equipped with recovery partitions, and can usually be recovered to factory settings without the use of external recovery media (such as discs or USB drives). When computer goes wrong, You don’t need the discs to restore HP, but use HP recovery manager to restore system. After computer boots, please tap F11 immediately to bring up the option for factory image, and you can enter HP recovery manager, which can help you to restore system factory image.

Whether your computer happens problem or not, based on suggestions from netizens, onekey recovery is more simpler and easier than recovery disk. If you don’t make a system backup, you can download a free Windows 7 image of the same version that you use from here and burn to a DVD. Use your activation code on the computer stick to activate.

A easier way to restore system factory image

Besides the built-in recovery software, maybe the third-party recovery software is powerful as well. AOMEI OneKey Recovery can totally meet your demand that backup and restore system easily. After you buy computer, you can backup system with AOMEI OneKey Recovery, which can help you restore factory setting, once your computer breaks down in the future.

OneKey Recovery

Comparing with HP built-in recovery software-recovery manager, AOMEI OneKey Recovery can backup your system to other location, that is to say, the space of your hard drive will not be occupied for more. If there are two or more than two hard drives, also, you can restore the system image to other location.

If your computer is in good condition, it is high time to backup your system with AOMEI OneKey Recovery, After you back up, whatever how you change the space of system partition or recovery partition, even you reinstall system, those that will affect built-in recovery software can’t have any bad influence on the function of AOMEI OneKey Recovery. Except you delete AOMEI Recovery Partition, you can restore the system image that you backed up before.