How to Install One Key Recovery in Computer?

July 12, 2016

What if you delete the one key recovery? There are three ways to install it again: First is to install branded recovery software; Second is to install AOMEI OneKey Recovery; third is to install nothing.

One Key Recovery is the software or function that can help you back up system and restore system to the previous backed up status. When computer crashes, you can use one key recovery to rescue your system. Usually, One Key Recovery is preinstalled in computer before you buy new computer, but to some people who reinstalled system, how to install one key recovery in computer again? Or there is not one key recovery software in some non-branded computer, and how to install one key recovery software? Maybe it will be a problem.

A brief knowledge of one key recovery software

Although there is similar rationale in one key recovery software, also, different features are exiting. Some branded one key recovery software is the classical example to show difference in different recovery software. the recovery software preinstalled in HP computer is HP backup and recovery software, as for in Lenovo computer, it will be called Lenovo one key recovery. To branded computers, the recovery software preinstalled in these computers may be very suitable for it. but there has flaw in branded recovery software.

  • If the storage volume space of C drive changed, the recovery partition can’t be recovered successfully.
  • You can’t install one branded software in other branded computer. For example, you can’t install Lenovo one key recovery in Toshiba computer or Dell computer, vice verse.
  • The recovery partition has been created, so, to some users, they don’t know how to create recovery partition again with one key recovery software. This phenomenon is relevant with the interface of sodtware.

How to choose one key recovery?

As mentioned above, it is very important for common users to choose a good one key recovery software. first and foremost, how to judge one key recovery software? there are some standards to help you one key recovery software, or all tool software you download.

  • Easy to download and install. If a computer management software is beyond 100MB, I think it may contain some bundled software you don’t like.
  • The operating interface will be easy to operate. Of many one key recovery software, some recovery software don’t have icon or shortcut. That’s one of reason why some users don’t like to branded recovery software, because it can’t be started up. To someone, they don’t like the software preinstalled in new computer. Once system is recovered, all software users installed will be erased. So, they want to back up system again after buying new computer.
  • The influences should be lowest among the same type software. it is very normal that there are some factors to affect function of software, therefore, some software will list some forbids or notice to tell users.

When you compare with recovery software you want with three standards above, you will find a best software.

How to install one key recovery?

After you take all factors into accounts, the choice must remains there. First, branded one key recovery. Second, you will use some third-party software that are better than branded software. Third, you give up any software and you don’t have habit to back up system. except the third way, the former two ways will be easy to solve.

  • If you want to download some branded one key recovery, You can go to brand computer official website to download their installment package. If you think it is hard to search in official website, you can search for it in Google or Bing. As for installing, the process of installing is same with any other software.
  • If you want to download third-party one key recovery software, AOMEI OneKey software will meet all your demands. Comparing with other same type software, AOMEI OneKey Recovery is very easy to operate and the volume space it occupies is very small. What’s better, the influence or flaw mentioned above in branded recovery software won’t happen in AOMEI OneKey Recovery.

How to install AOMEI OneKey Recovery?

AOMEI OneKey Recovery is totally safe. You can download it in AOMEI Backupper official website. The process of installment is no different with installing other software. after finishing installment, the desktop of computer will produce a icon. The interface of AOMEI OneKey Recovery will be like in the picture below after you click that icon.

Install OneKey Recovery

There are two button in the interface of AOMEI OneKey Recovery, just introduced before,mo matter you are geek or novice in computer, it is very simple and easy to operate. the first thing after you install this software is to back up your system and create recovery partition. After you finising, you can start up recovery function in anytime. Of course, you can back up your system as well in anytime. Here are tips: don’t worry about backup for many times will waste your computer space, the latter backup file will cover the former one.