By AOMEI / Last Updated December 30, 2014

"My computer is always turning black, I know there is OneKey Recovery in my Dell computer, but it seems that there is not Dell onekey recovery program preinstalled in my computer, and I can’t find website to download? How should I do?” This problem will be encountered by some users. How to solve it? This article will tell you two ways.

Use built-in recovery software to recover system image.

Dell computer has system recovery partition, which was created in the produce factory, of course, it must have access to start program, but there is no icon. Usually, one key recovery is designed for computer crashing. When your computer break down and it won’t reboot, under this circumstance, you can start Dell one key recovery to recover system image after you press the startup button. Win 8 is taken as the example to tell you how to recover system image:

  • You can open setting-, and enter power. Press shift and click restart, after that, FAQ will be showing. Please choose Dell Backup and Recovery.
  • System will check automatically, and check whether Intelligent repair option will fix that or not, once it finish, please click “Next”.
  • You will see the factory image file or one of other backup files, certainly, you will select factory image file, and then, please click “Next”.
  • System will prompt you whether you backup data or not. which one You will choose depends on your need. If you choose “Yes, Backup my personal files”, you must be sure there is a external hard drive. Or you can choose “No, wipe out my file”. After you choose, please click “Next”.
  • When you go to this step, all manual steps have been finished. The time of recovery will last 10-15 Minutes.

    Using third-party recovery software to recover data and file.

    If you don't like some preinstalled software in computer, you can download and install software you like after you buy computer, and then, you can use third-party software to backup system, which can create factory image. Of third-party recovery software, AOMEI OneKey Recovery is good one. It can be very convenient and easy for users to operate.

    How to make a factory image file with AOMEI OneKey Recovery

    Download and install AOMEI OneKey Recovery. After you launch this software, You will see the interface as the picture below is.

    Choose Option

    If this is your first time to use AOMEI OneKey Recovery, you can click “OneKey System Backup”, and it has two options to let you choose.

    Select option.jpg

    Backup to AOMEI OneKey Recovery Partition: To backup your system to system disk

    Backup system to other location: To backup system file to other partition that you like.(PE micro-system will be still stored in system disk.)

    Which way you will choose depends on what you need and the situation of your hard ware. If there are not enough space in system disk to store your system backup, maybe you can consider to backup system to other location. The second option is selected as example to demonstrate you.

    In this step, you have to choose one partition in system disk to store your PE Micro-system, whose size is not beyond 1GB, and select a path to store system file. You can choose any place such as an external hard drive, or USB flash drive. After finish the steps above, you can click “Start Backup”.

    Backup Other Location

    How to restore system image with AOMEI OneKey Recovery?

    If you have backed up your system, and you want to restore system image, you can enter AOMEI OneKey Recovery through two way. Press A during system booting, or double click icon of software. The interface will be still the first picture above, and you can click “OneKey System Recovery”. Based on the way to back up system, you have to corresponding option to restore system. After adding system image file, you can click “Click”, you can click “Next".

    Restore System

    You can confirm the status that system image will be restored. If you don’t want to recover former system, you can tick the option that is located in left corner, and it will let you choose other disk or partition.