By AOMEI / Last Updated July 8, 2016

Asus EEE PC Backup Windows with Asus Backtracker

Asus Backtracker is a tool released by Asus special for backing up Asus snap-in recovery partition into an USB to make a double copy of system image. Before start, you should prepare a USB flash drive no small than 16GB and plug it into your computer. Then, download Backtracker and install it.

Note:Backtracker can only backup the Asus recovery partition when it is in good condition into an USB and only when current system is working. Besides, it only supports ASUS Notebook with Windows 8 or 8.1.

Step1. Launch Backtracker and click “Get Started” to start Asus EEE PC system backup.

Asus Backtracker

Step2.Click on “Back up the factory recovery image” and Start” it.

Asus Backtracker Backup Factory Recovery Image Start

Step3.Select your USB flash drive as the destination to save image file.

Asus Backtracker Select USB

Step4.The USB device will be overwritten. If there are import data on it, backup them to other place first or choose another proper usb. During the process, keep power connection. Then, “Start” asus eee pc backup windows.

Asus Backtracker Backup Factory Recovery Image Warn

Step5. Take your patience and wait until it finishes. Do not do other actions on your machine during this period of time.

Asus EEE PC System Backup with AOMEI Onekey Recovery

The essence of asus eee pc backup recovery partition is to make a double image of operating system factory default settings. To achieve this, Asus Backtracker is not the only choice. And, users can take AOMEI Onekey Recovery for a try.

AOMEI Onekey Recovery is a third party software which is majored in system backup and restore. It can make a recovery partition and reset system to factory settings. Of course, it also applies to Asus computers. Let’s see how it make a system recovery USB.


  • Download and install AOMEI Onekey Recovery on your Asus eee PC.
  • Get an usb flash drive no small than 16GB and make it ready for usage.

Step1. Start AOMEI Onekey Recovery and choose “OneKey System Backup”.

OneKey System Backup

Step2. Select “Backup system to other location” and go on.

Backup System to Other Location

Step3. Find your usb and set it as destination and “Start Backup”.

Backup to USB

When it finishes, your system recovery USB has been made. This is an alternative to Asus eee pc backup recovery partition, easy and safe to use. So, if there is some reason that you cannot use Asus Backtracker, such as the recovery partition has been damaged or your os is not Win8/8.1, you can try AOMEI OneKey Recovery.