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Case One

When I bought 3 Acer Aspire REVO about 4 years ago, I made sure to create the recovery DVDs, because I knew I was going to wipe the drives and install Windows XP instead (they came pre-loaded with VISTA). Now, those computers are outdated and need to be sent for resale. I securely erased the drives, connected an external DVD drive, and booted from the first recovery disk.

When the eRecovery Management screen shows up, I'm asked to "Select Restore Type".

-> Completely Restore System to Factory Defaults >> Greyed out, can't select it
-> Restore Operating System and Retain User Data >> Greyed out, can't select it

-> Exit >> The only option that I can click on.

So, the problem is that acer erecovery management cannot select restore type.

Case Two

I have my daughter's Acer 4820T laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium with 4GB DDR3 memory. The original HD failed, and I had to purchase the eRecovery media from Acer as she had not created them when it was working fine. I installed the new HD a 500GB Seagate, but when I run the eRecovery, I am able to choose the UI Language, and on the next screen where the choice of recovery options appear, the only one of the 3 options available is Exit. Both the Restore to Factory Settings and the Restore OS Saving Data options are grayed out. Acer eRecovery Management cannot select restore type.


Solution One

The recovery discs may be damaged. So, replace them with good ones.

Solution Two

The original hard drive needs to be formatted, or needs to be free of partition.

Frist format the system disk by wiping the HD first with Diskpart Clean Command: diskpart (administrator privilege) > “list disk” > “select disk #” > “clean all” (delete data) or “clean” (erase data forever).

Diskpart Clean All

Then, partition the drive with one partition formatted NTFS. Continue in the above diskpart with: “create partition primary” > “format fs=ntfs” > “exit”.

Diskpart Create NTFS Partition

If this fails make sure HD registers in BIOS setup, reset BIOS to defaults and try again. Clear CMOS - 3 Ways to Clear the CMOS - Reset BIOS

Tip:Try it in both AHCI and IDE mode.

Then, the above acer erecovery management problem should be solved.

Solution Three

Disable AHCI in BIOS and try again.

Solution Four

As for above Acer eRecovery error, you may also check the RAM in the system. It's #3 on the list as it's a remote possibility.

Solution Five

Try Acer eRecovery Management alternative – AOMEI OneKey Recovery. AOMEI OneKey Recovery is a third party software professional in system backup and restore. When your system fails, you can make use of it to quickly recover your os back.

AOMEI OneKey Recovery

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