By AOMEI / Last Updated October 19, 2016

What is NAS backup?

NAS backup refers to a backup task whose backup destination is NAS. NAS, short for Network-Attached Storage, is a storage device which has access to a computer network instead of being connected directly to the computer. In such condition, all the computers which were connected to the NAS can make use of the data stored on the NAS and share the space of the NAS. Therefore, public data or files should be saved on the NAS rather than on the drives in each computer. In this way, much disk room is saved and it is of high efficiency.

Why NAS backup is needed?

Similarly, if we want to back up our files, partitions or disks, we can back up them to a NAS. That is to say, store the image files (backup files) on a NAS. Thus, we do not have to get a removable device such as a USB drive to store the image files when there is not enough space on a computer disk to save them. Actually, it is not safe enough to store the image files on a computer disk for if the accident is disk damage, all the matters including image files are destroyed; thus, we cannot use the image files to restore those things; all the backup work we have done is invalid.

Besides, since many NAS devices support RAID 0, 1 and 5, it is much safer to backup to NAS. RAID, Redundant Arrays of independent Disks, to make it simple, is a unit of disks. When you save an image file to RAID, instead of storing the whole file on a certain single disk (though the free space of the single disk is much larger than the size of the image), the data of the image file will be separated and save to more than one disks. Therefore, it is faster if do backup to RAID. More importantly, if one part of the image file data on one disk gets lost, you can get it back relying on the other parts on other disks of the file. Supporting RAID, thus, it is of high security to backup to NAS.

Moreover, back up the public files to NAS makes restoration easy. For instance, if there is a backup of Windows 7 operating system on a company’s NAS, when some new computers without OS are going to put into use, it is easy to restore Win7 from the NAS to each new pc rather than installing Win7 to every computer one by one. Time for installing OS is much than restoring. In addition, any member of the company can get a Win7 OS from NAS if he wants.

NAS backup with free software

Though Windows itself has backup function, it is much better to have a third party of software to do the backup work. It is safer and easier. In addition, there are a few kinds of free backup software with the service of NAS backup, such as AOMEI Backupper Standard.

To do backup to NAS with the help of Backupper, you just need to follow the guidance. Just as mentioned above, NAS backup is the same as common backup; the only difference is to make sure that the destination is NAS.

Select "Share/NAS Device" on the bottom left of the window in which to choose backup destination.

Select NAS as Backup Destination

In the popup window click "Add share or NAS device" button in the lower-left corner to add your own NAS. Then, enter IP address of your NAS.

Enter NAS IP Address

After your NAS has been added, select it in the destination folder and click OK to continue. Then, just go step by step to finish the whole task.

Tips: Most kinds of backup software have restoration function. For example, AOMEI Backupper Standard can not only back up files for us, but also restore what we have backed up. Besides, it can clone partitions and disks. Moreover, there are several utilities: image checking and exploring and bootable media creating.