How to Add NAS Device with AOMEI Backupper on Computer?

October 19, 2016

To avoid data missing, you will choose to backup to Network Attached Storage, but how to add NAS device on computer during backup? It is easy to do.

Brief Introduction of NAS

NAS refers to Network Attached Storage which is a device that is connected to the network and has the function of data storage, so it is also called "network memory" or "network disk array". It is used in LAN environment for a lot of host computers to share storage space and offer file sharing services.

NAS is the disk array by connecting the network cable, so it owns the features of disk array:
1. It is easy and fast to install.
2. Easy to maintain.
3. Extendibility is very good.
4. It has faster response speed and higher data bandwidth.
5. Reduce the demands on the server and cut the cost, and it is useful for popularization and application of the high performance storage system in a wider range.

File sharing is the most basic application of NAS. We can access and manage files in NAS through a browser, and upload and download files by HTTP, just as accessing software download sites easily. Besides, you can also use NAS to backup. Due to the features of NAS, it is safer to backup your important data to NAS. How to do it? The following steps will help you.

How to Add NAS Device with AOMEI Backupper?

With AOMEI Backupper, you can back up the useful files, folders, system, partition and disk to a removable device, an internal or external device, USB, CD/DVD, also NAS is a good choice. When you backup data, you can create automatic backup day by day, week by week and month by month. During the process, you can also add comments for images to find it out easily, compress the image to a suitable level, add password for the image to ensure file safety. No matter which place you store data to, you can do the above operations. If you want to backup data to NAS, you should know how to add NAS device firstly.

Step 1: Firstly, download and install AOMEI Backupper, then choose the data that you want to backup, here choose file backup as an example. And then select a destination to store the image.


Step 2: Next you will see the following screenshot. Choose “Share/NAS”.


Step 3: Then the interface will appear. Please click “Add Share/NAS device”.


Step 4: Then you need to input display name, NAS path, username and password to finish add NAS device.


Step 5: After you finish adding NAS, you will see the destination folder. Next, click “OK”.


Like this, adding NAS is finished, and then you can start to backup data to NAS. The method is very easy to do for users. For protecting data, backup to NAS is necessary. If your data is lost, you can restore it from the NAS to original situation.