How to Image Hard Drive to another Hard Drive Excellently?

December 25, 2014

In order to avoid reinstallation of Windows operating system and bad effect of data loss, it is the best to image hard drive to another hard drive with a free and powerful software-AOMEI Backupper.

Why Need to Image Hard Drive?

As we know, the computer technology also makes a big progress as well. At the same tine, there are many different disk problems. For instance, a very serious disk problem-system crash has been occurred more frequently due to several reasons, such as, extremely low disk space in system drive, virus and hacker attack, hardware and software failures and so on. According to many users, the most frequently employed solution is to reinstall the operating system and the applications. However, as we all know, these operations would cost a lot of time. Under this condition, in my opinion, the best countermeasure is to image hard drive to another hard drive with a free disk imaging software in advance. And then, system crashes, we can use the image file to restore the system to the previous configuration with ease.

In addition, the problem of data loss is also a headache to many Windows users. Luckily, image hard drive that contains the data can also avoid the effect of the data loss. It can help to restore data to original state easily. Therefore, we need a perfect imaging backup software to assist us in completing this task.

Image Hard Drive with Perfect Imaging Backup Software

As far as I am concerned, choosing a professional software plays a key role in completing the task. As a free and powerful imaging backup software, AOMEI Backupper possesses many corresponding functions to deal with image backup tasks. It supports imaging partition, volume, system drive, disk, etc, and allow you to restore them to another hard drive. It can complete selective files restore as well. Moreover, it can work with all Windows OS editions since Windows 2000. The image below is its main interface.

Along with its function of imaging backup, it also owns many other functions, such as, clone, image file explorer, bootable CD and so on. Therefore, if you are worrying about the problems mentioned above, just download this free tool to aid you image hard drive to another hard drive.

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