By Cherry / Last Updated September 12, 2017


“I use Windows 10 and I already have created a system image to a Seagate hard drive with my Windows 10 and a system repair disc for booting with an external DVD drive. Now, my computer can’t boot into Windows 10, which means I need to do a system recovery. However, when I use the system repair disc to boot my computer, I faced the problem that I can’t restore from system image created before. Here are the steps I did:

1. Restart the computer with the system repair disc, follow the prompt “press any key to boot from CD or DVD”. I pressed a key and it showed me a window to select keyboard layout, and I selected US.

2. Then, it showed me a screen like following, and I chose Use a device:

Use Device

However, it only show me two options without any opportunity to restore computer with Windows 10 system image created before. I can’t restore from system image. ”

How to restore system image in Windows 10?

Well, the question in the Scenario can be solved easily. In Windows 10, if you want to restore system image, you need to open the Troubleshot, and then, choose the Advanced to set up to. So, you can change the way to restore system image in Windows 10. In the step2, select Troubleshot (under Use a device) instead of Use a device, and then, select Advance options.


In Advanced options, you should select System Image Recovery.

Advanced Options

Then, choose a target operating system to restore.

System Image Recovery

Although Windows 10 has the tool for creating system image and restore from it, some users can’t restore system image with it successfully, especially the one who doesn’t familiar with Windows. Fortunately, there provides you another way to help you make system image recovery much simpler and easier.

System image recovery with third-party software

How to restore system image much simpler and easier? Here we highly introduce you a third-party software AOMEI Backupper Standard, a free backup software that can help a lot with restoring system image, no matter what Windows you using, because it supports all Windows PC operating system including Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. First, you need create a system image in Windows with AOMEI Backupper, and use AOMEI Backupper to create a bootable media, or you can use AOMEI PEX Boot tool to create a Windows PE bootable ISO. Then, you can start to restore system image.

Step1. Plug the external hard drive with system image and boot your computer from the bootable media you created before. Then, the main interface of AOMEI Backupper will display on the screen. Select Restore.


Step2. Then, click Path to select an image file and restore data from the file, and then, select a backup time point to restore. Click Next.

Restore Point the Operation Summary, you can confirm the information of the operations that will be executed. If there is no problem, click Start Restore to launch the progress.

Start Restore


  1. ● The Sector by sector restore will make an exactly restore of every byte, and it will take more time.
  2. ● The Enable Universal Restore will be chosen in default if you are restoring system to a different computer.

AOMEI Backupper Standard is such a great freeware that can help you restore from system image successfully. Actually, you can use it to do more for protecting your data loss. Such as system backup, disk clone; you can also use it backup files even a single file; it supports you to sync files between two computers an so on. What’s important is that you can download it free for using.