Windows Server Protection

How to make scheduled or more frequent backups of Windows Server?
12k Views 3 days ago

Here, you can select what to back up, where to back up to, the backup schedule that you want, how long to keep the backup, whether you want the backup encrypted, and whether you want to convert the backup to a VM.

How to restore a single file or folder?
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You can select the machine that contains the data you want to recover and the recovery point. You can then browse to the required folder or use search to obtain the list of the required files and folders that you want to recover. 23K Views

How to protect Windows servers against malware?
12k Views 3 days ago

AOMEI can monitor processes running on your Windows servers. When a third-party process tries to encrypt files, Active Protection generates an alert and performs additional actions

Centralized Backup Solution

How to do central backup for large-scale business?
12k Views 1 month ago

Centrally backup or sync data for all computers within your company to NAS or network share with simple clicks.

How to create backups for multiple computers?
12k Views 1 month ago

Collect data from remote computers and save it on the main centralized location. Create and manage backup tasks for multiple computers.

How to manage backup tasks for all computers from one console?
12k Views 2 month ago

Remotely manage all computers with a single dashboard. Cut down backup administration costs and save much time for your business.

Virtual Machine Backup

How to Back up VMware Virtual Machines?
12k Views 2 days ago

Support backing up VMs in VMware vSphere for unlimited VM backup. Create an agentless backup task & instantly restore your VMware virtual machines for business.

How to Back up Hyper-V Virtual Machines?
12k Views 20 days ago

Backup Hyper-V virtual machines from the AOMEI backup solution. Some of the most important features of AOMEI for Hyper-V include application-aware image-based backup, end-to-end encryption, and native tape support.

How to Restore VMware and Hyper-V Virtual Machines?
12k Views 20 days ago

Backup VMs of a standalone Hyper-V host and VMs in a Hyper-V cluster environment. Meanwhile, it can also restore entire Hyper-V VMs and recover individual files.

Database Backup

How to Back up Oracle and MySQL Database?
12k Views 1 days ago

Make a complete backup of your database in easy steps to keep your crucial data safer. Store database copy in cloud drive in case of data loss after source database get damaged.

How to Restore Oracle and MySQL Database?
12k Views 4 days ago

Restore your databases to a former or original state when source database gets damaged. And, you can also restore the database to another server to get better performance.

How to Backup and Restore FTP/SFTP Website?
12k Views 2 days ago

One-click backup your entire website or part web files to your own cloud storage. Recover website files based on backup time point you have created in early times.

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