Why Database Backup is Important for Business?

Unlimited Access to Data

Remote MySQL database backup is essential to your organization especially if your company needs access from remote areas or from branches where you have no IT personnel deployed. How cost effective could that be? Also, it will save you the hassle of having to buy drives to store data to travel with.

Extra Protection

Cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox provide extra protection to cater for calamities. Growing businesses can gain a lot from database backup that can accommodate the amount of data they need to have backed up. If your resources are limited, you do not need to compromise on the quality of database backup systems that you use.

What can AOMEI Database Backupper do for you

MySQL Database Backup

Make a complete backup of your database in easy steps to keep your crucial data safer. Store database copy in cloud drive in case of data loss after source database get damaged.

MySQL Database Restore

Restore your databases to a former or original state when source database get damaged. And, you can also restore the database to another server to get better performance.

FTP/SFTP Website Backup

One-click backup your entire website or part web files to your own cloud storage. So, you have a double insurance of the website and be safe to use it.

FTP/SFTP Website Restore

Recover website files based on backup time point you have created in early times. And, you can also restore to another advanced location to complete website migration as well as get better performance.

Automatic Schedule Backup

Automatically carry out backup tasks scheduled by daily, weekly or monthly. Once setup, you can have your websites/databases backed up without operating by yourself every time.

Manage Sources and Destination Clouds

Put source websites as well as databases in one place for easy management like test, edit and delete. Also list all added destination clouds in one place to rename, edit, remove and view properties.

Additional Special Features

Email Notification

AOMEI Database Backupper will inform you immediately by Email whether the task finishes successfully or encounters some error.

Backup and Restore Logs

The logs will keep the process of backup and restoration. If you encounter problems which can’t be solved, send us the log and we will figure it out.

Power-off Backup Background Operation

A scheduled task will automatically run at the time you have chosen even if you don’t start up your computer or you are dealing with other matters.

Backed File Download

AOMEI Database Backupper allows you to download website/database backup files from cloud location to local storages.

Currently Supported Technologies

Cloud Services
Google Drive

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What our customers say

“Almost all of our employee’s computer product analysis, customer information was lost. But AOMEI provided us with a very good solution. It restored our data almost very quickly, and helped us make a backup to prevent similar situations from happening again.”

AOMEI helped our company restore the Sales information of all products and user suggestions at the same time, the insecurity about traditional backup mode has been changed, and the data security of our product and stuffs has been strengthened.

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