Double Insurance for Your Data

  • You store data on a hard disk or a specific partition. To prevent them from losing, It’s advisable for you to take a double insurance and that is to backup them! There are multiple partitions on the hard disk of a laptop including the system partition, System reserved partition, data partitions and for some manufacturers such as Lenovo, they even create a OneKey recovery partition on their products. To backup such many partitions one by one is really troublesome. In this case, you could just make a backup image of the entire hard drive instead of backing up all the partitions on that disk.
  • If something bad such as the malfunction of the OneKey Recovery and system boot failure happen on the laptop one day, you can still recover the entire hard disk by using the prepared backup image. It’s like purchasing a double insurance for your laptop by using the backup and restore function in AOMEI Backupper. AOMEI Backupper software supports both disk backup and partition backup. You can back up the entire disk or some partitions according to your specific needs. Thus makes the backup operation more flexible.

3 Steps to Backup A Hard Disk Drive or SSD

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