In-Depth Troubleshooting for Surface Pro 7 Won't Turn On Issues

Embark on an exhaustive journey to understand and resolve the intricate reasons behind Surface Pro 7 not turning on. This comprehensive guide unveils detailed troubleshooting methods, with a spotlight on the revolutionary MyRecover tool.


By Lori / Updated on January 25, 2024

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Encountering the frustrating scenario where your Surface Pro 7 refuses to power up is not just a technical glitch; it's a roadblock to productivity. In this extensive guide, we won't settle for mere surface-level solutions. Instead, we'll delve deep into the complexities of the "Surface Pro 7 won't turn on" issue. Each troubleshooting method is dissected into meticulous step points, ensuring a comprehensive approach to reviving your device.

Surface Pro 7 Won't Turn On: A Puzzling Predicament

The enigma of a Surface Pro 7 that won't turn on stems from various factors, both common and intricate. To conquer this challenge, we need to unravel the specifics and implement solutions that go beyond the ordinary. Brace yourself for a journey through the depths of troubleshooting.

Methods to Troubleshoot Surface Pro 7 Power Issues

1. Basic Power Checks

Connect your Surface Pro 7 to a power source using the original charging cable.

Allow the device to charge for at least 10 minutes, ensuring a sufficient power boost.

If no response, switch to an alternative charging cable and test on a different power outlet.

Verify the power adapter's LED indicator; a lit indicator confirms a proper power connection.

2. Power Button Reset

Press and hold the power button on your Surface Pro 7 for a minimum of 30 seconds.

Release the power button and press it again to initiate a full restart.

Observe for any signs of the device powering up during this process.

If there's no change, proceed to the next troubleshooting method.

3. Check for External Connections

Disconnect all external peripherals and accessories from your Surface Pro 7.

Remove USB drives, external keyboards, and any connected devices.

Attempt to power on the device without external connections.

Faulty external devices can sometimes interfere with the startup process.

4. Perform a Two-Button Shutdown

Simultaneously press and hold the power button and the volume-up button for a duration of 15 seconds.

Release both buttons and wait for a minute before attempting to turn on the device.

The two-button shutdown is a powerful method to clear temporary glitches hindering the startup.

5. BIOS Settings Check

Power off your Surface Pro 7 completely to ensure a clean start.

Hold down the volume-up button.

While holding the volume-up button, press and release the power button.

Continue holding the volume-up button until the Surface logo appears.

Access the UEFI firmware settings and meticulously review configurations for accuracy.

6. MyRecover: Your Ultimate Recovery Solution

Paragraph about MyRecover and its Features

MyRecover transcends traditional troubleshooting methods by offering an intuitive interface and robust algorithms. Specifically designed for Surface Pro issues, it emerges as a beacon of hope in the realm of startup problems.

Detailed Recovery Steps using MyRecover

Download and Install MyRecover:

Visit the official MyRecover website and initiate the download on a separate, functioning computer.

Follow the installation wizard, providing MyRecover with a virtual gateway to your Surface Pro 7.

Connect Your Surface Pro 7:

Utilize a compatible USB cable to establish a connection between your ailing device and the computer.

Ensure prompt recognition of your Surface Pro 7 by the computer before proceeding.

Launch MyRecover:

Open the MyRecover application and patiently wait for it to detect your connected Surface Pro 7.

The software's intuitive interface will guide you through available recovery options.

Select Startup Issues:

Pinpoint the specific option tailored to address startup problems.

MyRecover initiates a comprehensive diagnostic scan to identify and rectify the underlying issue.

Follow On-Screen Instructions:

Navigate through the step-by-step instructions provided by MyRecover, ensuring a seamless recovery process.

The software handholds users through each stage, demystifying the complexity of recovery.

Disconnect and Power On:

Once the recovery process concludes successfully, safely disconnect your Surface Pro 7 from the computer.

Power on your device, now infused with vitality by the rejuvenating touch of MyRecover.


In the labyrinth of Surface Pro 7 startup issues, a systematic and detailed approach is crucial. By adhering to the specific step points outlined in each troubleshooting method, users can navigate through a spectrum of solutions. MyRecover, standing tall among these solutions, proves to be a game-changer in the landscape of device recovery.


Q: How common is the issue of a Surface Pro 7 not turning on?

A: It's a pervasive issue, but our guide goes beyond the common to provide nuanced solutions for various scenarios.

Q: Can MyRecover address issues beyond startup problems?

A: Absolutely, MyRecover is a versatile tool designed to tackle a spectrum of Surface Pro issues.

Q: Is performing a two-button shutdown risky?

A: No, it's a safe method and often proves effective in resolving temporary glitches without introducing risks.

Q: How long does it take for MyRecover to diagnose and repair startup issues?

A: MyRecover's process is swift, typically completing the analysis and resolution within a few minutes.

Q: Can a faulty charging cable be the sole reason for startup issues?

A: Yes, addressing the fundamentals, using a different charging cable, is a critical step in troubleshooting power-related issues.

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