How to Recover Deleted Videos from Doorbell Camera

This comprehensive guide delves into the challenges of video deletion from doorbell cameras and offers practical solutions. From a first-person user case to exploring the causes of deleted videos, we highlight the role of MyRecover in restoring crucial footage. Additionally, uncover alternative methods to recover videos, providing you with a holistic understanding of the recovery process.


By Ivy / Updated on February 19, 2024

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User Case

Picture this: You eagerly check your doorbell camera for footage of an important event, only to discover that the videos you desperately need are nowhere to be found. Frustration and disappointment set in as you grapple with the possibility of permanently losing valuable surveillance footage. This is a common scenario for many doorbell camera users, but fret not, as there are effective ways to recover those deleted videos.

Recover Deleted Videos from DoorBell Camera

Why Are Videos Deleted from Doorbell Camera?

Understanding the reasons behind video deletion is crucial for implementing the right recovery strategy. Accidental deletions, system glitches, formatting errors, or intentional removal can lead to the loss of important footage. Additionally, software updates, storage issues, or even malicious activities can contribute to the disappearance of videos from your doorbell camera.

Recover Deleted Videos from DoorBell Camera with MyRecover

Enter MyRecover, a powerful data recovery tool designed to bring back lost or deleted videos from your doorbell camera. Here's how MyRecover works its magic:

1. Download and Install MyRecover:

Begin by downloading and installing MyRecover on your computer. The software supports various operating systems, ensuring compatibility.

2. Connect Doorbell Camera Storage:

Connect the storage device from your doorbell camera to your computer. MyRecover is equipped to recognize a wide range of storage formats.

3. Select Video Recovery:

Launch MyRecover and navigate to the video recovery section. Choose your doorbell camera's storage device as the source for recovery.

4. Scan for Deleted Videos:

Initiate the scanning process to search for deleted videos. MyRecover employs advanced algorithms to locate and identify recoverable footage.

5. Preview and Recover:

Once the scanning is complete, preview the identified videos. Select the ones you wish to recover and proceed with the recovery process.

6. Save Recovered Videos:

Choose a secure destination to save the recovered videos. Avoid saving them back to the same storage device to prevent overwriting.

Alternative Methods to Recover Deleted Videos from Doorbell Camera

Explore these additional methods for video recovery, catering to different scenarios:

1. Check Cloud Storage

Many modern doorbell cameras are integrated with cloud storage services for seamless backup. Check if your device is linked to a cloud account, such as Google Drive or Amazon S3. Log in to the associated account and navigate to the cloud storage section. Here, you may find a repository of backed-up videos. Download and restore any deleted videos from the cloud to your local storage.

2. Review Device Recycle Bin

Some doorbell cameras feature a built-in recycle bin or trash folder that temporarily retains deleted files. Access the camera's settings through the associated mobile app or web portal. Look for a section labeled "Recycle Bin" or "Deleted Items." If available, browse through this repository to identify and recover deleted videos. Follow the on-screen instructions to restore the selected videos back to your camera's storage.

3. Contact Customer Support

If you're unable to recover deleted videos using local methods, consider reaching out to the customer support service of your doorbell camera's manufacturer. Provide them with specific details about the deletion, including the timeline and circumstances. In some cases, customer support may have access to server backups or offer specialized guidance on video recovery tailored to your device model.

4. Utilize Backup Devices

Many users maintain a secondary storage device, such as an external hard drive or network-attached storage (NAS), for periodic backups. Check if you have a backup of your doorbell camera videos on such a device. Connect the backup device to your computer and explore its contents. Restore deleted videos from the backup to the original location on your camera's storage or another designated folder.

5. Professional Assistance

In situations where standard recovery methods prove ineffective, consider seeking professional assistance from data recovery services. Consult with specialized firms or professionals who have experience in recovering data from surveillance devices. Be prepared to provide details about the camera model, storage type, and the circumstances surrounding the video deletion. Professional services often involve advanced techniques, and success rates may vary depending on the specific case.


The fear of losing crucial videos from your doorbell camera is now met with practical solutions. MyRecover stands as a reliable ally in recovering deleted footage, while alternative methods offer flexibility. With this guide, regain control over your surveillance data and ensure that no moment captured by your doorbell camera is lost forever.

FAQs: Recover Deleted Videos from Doorbell Camera

1. Can I recover videos deleted a long time ago?

MyRecover can retrieve videos deleted even months ago, depending on whether the storage space has been overwritten.

2. Is it possible to recover videos if my doorbell camera was stolen?

Unfortunately, video recovery is challenging in such cases. Always secure your camera to prevent theft.

3. Does MyRecover work on all doorbell camera brands?

MyRecover is designed to support a wide range of storage devices, but compatibility may vary. Check the software specifications for details.

4. Why should I avoid saving recovered videos to the same storage device?

Overwriting increases the risk of permanent data loss. Save recovered videos to a different location to ensure their integrity.

5. Are there free alternatives to MyRecover for video recovery?

While some free options exist, MyRecover offers advanced features and a user-friendly interface, making it a reliable choice for effective video recovery.

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