How to Recover Cut Files from SD Card | 3 Ways and 2 Tips

We will talk about how to recover cut files from SD card in this article. If you have the same problem, check out this post and get some help from it.


By Zoey / Updated on April 2, 2024

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How do I recover a cut video from my SD card?


I connected my SD card to the computer to cut some videos from the card to the computer. However, the computer turned off by accident in the data moving process. Then, after restarting my computer, I find that my SD card videos disappearing. Where is my SD card data? Is there any way to recover a cut video from my SD card

- Question from a forum

Recover Cut Files SD Card

SD card is widely used in our daily life and work. There are many types of issues you may encounter in during the use. As mentioned in the user case, you may operate cutting and pasting from your SD card but meet the file loss issue, unfortunately.

Where is your cut file? In such a data loss case, you can not recover data from Recycle Bin as usual. Then, how to recover cut files from SD card? Do not panic. You are in the right place here now. We will conclude 3 effective ways and 2 tips to recover deleted files from SD cards in the following part.

How to recover cut files from SD card

How to recover cut files from SD card effectively? We prepared 3 different ways and you can try them one by one until you get the cut files back.

Way 1. Recover cut files from SD card by canceling cut operation

If you just perform the cut operation on from SD card and cannot find the cut files, you can try to cancel it on your computer. Here is the easy stepwise guideline.

First, please stop all operations on your SD card.

  • For Windows users

Press the Windows and Z keys on your keyboard at the same time. If you are lucky enough, your cut files will appear on the SD card page.

  • For Mac users

Press the Command and Z keys on your keyboard likewise.

If your cut files did not show up, please try the following ways to perform an SD card recovery.

Way 2. Recover cut files from SD card with CMD

CMD is a common method for data recovery. Many users even choose to recover files from corrupted memory card using CMD. The recovery rate of this method is not high, but you can have a try according to the following stepwise tutorial.

1. Press the Windows and R keys on your keyboard to open the Run window. Input cmd to open the Command Prompt window.

2. Then, input the command chkdsk G: /f (G represents the drive letter of your SD card) and press the Enter key.

Input Y > press Enter.

Input g: > press Enter. (g represents the drive letter of your SD card)

Input attrib -h -r -s  G:\*.* /s /d > press Enter. (G: represents the drive letter of your SD card)

Way 3. Recover cut files from SD card with a powerful tool

If none of the above methods can recover cut files from SD card, how to recover deleted files from SD card? here comes a powerful file recovery tool - MyRecover. No matter what happened to your cut files from SD card, this experienced data recovery tool can hep you get your cut files back with a few clicks.

As a professional file recovery software, MyRecover offers many valuable features and wonderful advantages.

● Support to recover 200+ types of data at a high recovery rate and speed, such as files, folders, pictures, videos, audio, emails, etc.
● Able to recover lost files or recover deleted files with the original filename, path, and format of them.
● Suitable in many kinds of storage devices like SD cards, USB flash drives, HDDs, SSDs, and more.
● Perform well in NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, and ReFS in Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Windows Server.

Follow the simple guideline here to recover cut files from SD card easily and effectively.

1. Download MyRecover on your computer, and connect your SD card to the computer. Hover the mouse over your SD card. Click Scan to scan your SD card.

Download Software Windows 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

External Hard Drive Start Scan

2. You will see all your deleted files and other missing files from the SD card after Quick Scan and Deep Scan automatically.

External Hard Drive Scanning

3. Check the scanning result and choose the cut files that you want to recover. Click on the Recover X files button, then you need to choose a new safe path for your cut files.

External Hard Dirve Recover Files

Other tips to get missing files back from SD card

There are some useful tips for you if you need to recover missing files from SD card. If they can not help you effectively, you can turn back to using MyRecover.

Tip 1. Recover files by unhiding them

Sometimes, your files get missing because they have been hidden. This is an easy problem. You just need to unhide them according to the simple tutorial here.

1. After connecting your SD card to the computer, go to This PC.

2. In your SD card window, choose view > Options > View> Show hidden files, folders, and drives in turn.

Show Hidden Files

Tip 2. Recover files by searching

If you cannot find your files from the original location, you can check if your files have been moved to another location by mistake. Search for your files in Windows File Explorer.

Go to This PC and choose your SD card, then you can choose a certain kind of your file. Or input the filename in the search box to find your files.

Search for Pictures on SD Card

Final words

There are 3 ways to recover cut files from SD card in this article. Among them, the file recovery software MyRecover is the method with the highest recovery rate. If you do not want to waste your time, you can go to try it directly.

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