[3 Methods]How to Recover Deleted Sticky Notes and Steps

How to recover deleted Sticky Notes? This post will give you the most useful 3 solutions and how-to guides.


By Zoey / Updated on April 3, 2024

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How do I recover a deleted sticky note in Windows 10?

Need to recover deleted sticky note on PC! I had a sticky note with very important information on it that I deleted when I wasn't paying attention. Does anyone know a way I could access it again? Maybe through the code or something? I really need to be able to see this sticky note again.

Do you also often use Sticky Notes to record your important information? Sticky Notes brings convenience to our working life. But like other documents, Sticky Notes also has the risk of loss. Incidents like the one in the user case happen all the time, and if your Sticky Notes are lost due to accidental deletion, system crash, virus attack, etc., then you must also want to know how to recover deleted Sticky Notes. Here we provide 3 easy ways to recover deleted Sticky Notes and some of them can also help you to recover deleted files.

How to recover deleted Sticky Notes: 3 solutions

To solve how to recover Sticky Notes, there are many different methods and we pick the most efficient 3 solutions for you. You can choose to restore Sticky Notes using file recovery software, from Outlook, or from a built-in backup feature according to your situation.

Solution 1. Recover deleted Sticky Notes from data recovery software

How to recover deleted Sticky Notes in Windows 10 and other versions of the Windows system? A professional data recovery tool can be your best choice like MyRecover. It supports file recovery for more than 200 types of data including Sticky Notes, Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, photos, audios, videos, and so on.

In addition, this software can work perfectly on all versions of the Windows system including Windows 11/10/8/7 and Windows Server. If you are using a Windows PC, you can get it for free.

What’s more, compared with other solutions, MyRecover has some advantages like:

Combined scanning methods: Both Quick Scan and Deep Scan are available.
High recovery rate: Your data can be recovered at a high speed and a high recovery rate.
User-friendly interface: It provides a clear graphical user interface and simple operating steps.
Functionality: Support to recover lost files on USB/SSD/HDD, and can be performed in file systems like NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, and ReFS in Windows.

If you wanna have a try, just press this Download Software button to get MyRecover on your PC. And follow the 3-step guideline to recover your Sticky Notes via MyRecover.

Download SoftwareWin 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

1. First, hover the mouse over the drive, and click Scan to scan the disk or partition.

Select Partition To Scan

2. Then your deleted Sticky Notes and other missing files will appear in this window after Quick Scan and Deep Scan automatically.

Scan Lost Data

3. After the above, check the scanning result. Select a new location to store your recovered Sticky Notes. After that, press the Recover X files button to recover your deleted Sticky Notes.

Recover Lost Data

Solution 2. Recover deleted Sticky Notes in Outlook

Microsoft often connects your Sticky Notes and your Microsoft account. So it is possible for you to use Outlook to solve how to retrieve Sticky Notes. But if your Sticky Notes do not exist in your Outlook account, please recover your deleted Sticky Notes using Solution 1.

Here are the steps to recover deleted Sticky Notes in Outlook:

1. Navigate to the Outlook website, and log into your Microsoft account.

2. Choose the Notes option on the left menu.

Recover Sticky Notes Outlook

3. You can find your deleted Sticky Notes here and right-click on them to copy the contents everywhere.

Recover Notes

Solution 3. Recover deleted Sticky Notes from a Previous Version

There is a built-in backup tool in Windows called Windows File History. Once you enable it on your PC, you can use the Previous Version feature to solve the how to restore Sticky Notes problem easily. Here is a guide to restore previous version of deleted file:

1. Open the folder that saves your Sticky Notes files.

Sticky Notes Folder

2. Locate your Sticky Notes file and right-click on it to choose Restore previous version.

Restore Sticky Notes Previous Versions

3. You can choose any version of your Sticky Note file and then press the Restore button.

Restore Notes From Previous Version

However, if you did not turn on the File History feature on your PC, this method is unsuitable for you. You can refer to the first solution to recover your Sticky Notes.

Tip: How to avoid accidental deletion in Sticky Notes

Accidental deletion is one of the most likely scenarios that users will encounter. In older versions of Sticky Notes, you are likely to accidentally delete your Sticky Notes file when you accidentally click on the x button.

But in Windows 10 and later versions of Sticky Notes, you can avoid accidental deletion by enabling the Confirm before deleting setting. Thus, whenever you perform the act of deleting a Sticky Notes file, you will get a pop-up window for confirmation.

Written in the end

How to recover deleted Sticky Notes? There are 3 useful ways to do it. You can choose to recover Sticky Notes from Outlook, or with the previous version feature if you have created a backup of them. Among them, the free file recovery tool MyRecover can recover Sticky Notes and many other types of files from different situations with ease.

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