A Comprehensive Guide to Recovering Hogwarts Legacy Save Data on PS5/PS4

Delve deep into the enchanting world of Hogwarts Legacy and discover proven methods to recover missing save data on PS5 and PS4. Our extensive guide covers intricate steps, including leveraging PS5 Cloud Storage rituals and harnessing the power of MyRecover.


By Lori / Updated on January 11, 2024

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Embarking on the captivating adventure within the magical realm of Hogwarts Legacy, only to find your cherished save data vanished, can be a disheartening experience for any wizard or witch on their PS5 or PS4. Fear not, fellow magical beings, as this comprehensive guide unveils the secrets to reclaiming lost progress. We'll navigate through advanced recovery techniques, exploring PS5 Cloud Storage rituals and placing a spotlight on the remarkable MyRecover – your ultimate ally in resurrecting your Hogwarts Legacy save data.

Hogwarts Legacy Save Data Woes on PS5

The poignant tales of users investing hours into the game, diligently saving their progress, only to witness the disappearance of their save data, echo through the virtual halls of online forums. One user poignantly expresses their frustration, "After investing 4 hours, my save game is gone. Is anyone else facing this issue?" If you've found yourself entangled in a similar predicament, fear not – our guide is your magical beacon, illuminating the path to recovery.

1. Auto Sync with PS5 Cloud Storage

For those who foresaw potential challenges and wisely activated the Auto-Sync feature on their PS5, the path to recovering lost game data is paved with simplicity. Follow these steps to potentially restore your Hogwarts Legacy progress:

Step 1: Open your PS5 and navigate to "Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Saved Data (PS5)."

Step 2: Select "Cloud Storage," and within the subsequent options, click "Download to Console Storage."

Step 3: Locate Hogwarts Legacy and initiate the download of the game save onto your PS5.

Allow the harmonious synchronization to unfold and assess whether your Hogwarts Legacy progress is revitalized. If not, embark on an alternative journey of recovery.

2. MyRecover: Unlocking the Secrets of Recovery

In the vast landscape of enchanted recoveries, MyRecover stands as a formidable spellcaster for retrieving your Hogwarts Legacy save data on both PS5 and PS4. With its user-friendly interface and potent recovery capabilities, MyRecover emerges as your trusted companion. Embark on this magical journey by following these detailed steps:

Step 1: Download and install MyRecover on your computer to commence the magical recovery process.

Step 2: Connect your PS5 to the computer or extract the PS5 hard drive for external connection.

Step 3: Launch MyRecover and select the drive associated with your PS5.

Step 4: Initiate the scanning process to unveil the concealed traces of lost game data.

Step 5: Upon completion of the scan, preview the recoverable files and select your Hogwarts Legacy save data.

Step 6: Click "Recover" and designate a secure location to safeguard the retrieved files.

Step 7: Transfer the resurrected data back to your PS5, rekindle Hogwarts Legacy, and resume your magical journey.

MyRecover's seamless design and potent recovery algorithms position it as a trustworthy companion for wizards and witches seeking to restore their Hogwarts Legacy progress. Embrace the magic and allow MyRecover to weave its spell of recovery!

PS5 Cloud Storage - A Deep Dive

Diving deeper into the magical pool of PS5 Cloud Storage, understanding its nuances enhances your chances of recovering Hogwarts Legacy save data seamlessly. The PS5, with its advanced capabilities, offers an automated system for syncing game data with cloud storage. This feature acts as a guardian for your progress, ensuring a magical safety net in case of unforeseen data loss.

Understanding Auto Sync with PS5 Cloud Storage

Yes, usually, the PS5 can save your game data automatically. Sometimes you can make manual saves too. You can make PS5 sync your saved data with cloud storage if you close a game or put your console in rest mode. Here are the steps to sync PS5 console data with cloud storage:

Step 1: Go to "Settings > System > Power Saving > Features Available in Rest Mode > Stay Connected to the Internet."

Step 2: Navigate to "Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Saved Data (PS5)."

Step 3: Select "Sync Saved Data > Auto-Sync Saved Data."

How to Manually Retrieve Data from PS5 Cloud Storage

If the automatic sync doesn't bring back your Hogwarts Legacy save data, fear not. A manual intervention might be the key to restoring your magical journey. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open your PS5 and navigate to "Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Saved Data (PS5)."

Step 2: Select "Cloud Storage." In the subsequent options, click on "Download to Console Storage."

Step 3: Choose Hogwarts Legacy and download the game save on your PS5.

With these steps, you delve deeper into the intricacies of PS5 Cloud Storage, ensuring a holistic understanding of its role in the magical restoration of Hogwarts Legacy save data.


Should the ethereal connection between your Hogwarts Legacy save data and your console remain elusive, do not surrender to despair. Both PS5 Cloud Storage and MyRecover stand ready as stalwart allies in your quest for recovery. The magical world of Hogwarts awaits, and with unwavering determination, you can transcend this setback.

FAQs - Navigating Hogwarts Legacy Save Woes

1. How do I recover deleted files on PS4?

Navigate to "Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in Online Storage > Download to System Storage." Select and download the relevant games.

2. What can I do to solve PS4 not turning on?

Address PS4 startup issues by disconnecting the power cable, clearing dust, restarting in safe mode, checking for broken components, and seeking professional services if needed.

3. How do I recover deleted files on PS5 from a USB drive

Connect your USB drive to your PS5, navigate to "Settings > System > System Software > Back Up and Restore > Restore PS5," select your USB drive, choose the data to restore, and initiate the process.

As you navigate the intricate paths of recovering missing Hogwarts Legacy save data, share the magic by spreading this comprehensive guide on social media. Let no wizard or witch be left behind in their quest to restore the enchantment of Hogwarts Legacy!

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