Google Drive Automatically Delete Old Files [Solved]

What to do when Google drive automatically delete old files? Check out this tutorial and get help to recover deleted files from Google Drive in a breeze.


By Lora / Updated on April 2, 2024

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Why is Google Drive automatically deleting my files?

As a good cooperation tool, Google Drive is prevailing among seas of users because it facilitates users to sync, share, and save their previous life and work files.

With multiple GBs of important files stored on Google Drive, it will be a disaster to lose the files on it.

So some of the users are afraid that Google Drive files missing issues such as "Google Drive automatically delete old files".


Does Google Drive delete files after a certain amount of inactivity time?


I wonder if I upload a zip file full of my personal files, and probably I will need it in 5/10 years or more, will I find it? Or Google will automatically delete it due to inactivity?


- Question from Google Drive Help


Moreover, some users have suffered from data loss from Google Drive already. Thus, they are now in urgent need of fixes to recover deleted files from Google Drive.

Now, this article aims to solve this problem. Before that, the reasons why “Google Drive deleted my files” will be discussed.


Why did Google Drive delete your old files?

Since Google Drive stated that it will not randomly/intentionally/automatically delete users’ files, there must be some other causes.

The deleted files were so old that they exceeded the 30-day time limit. That is to say, it has permanently deleted the Google Drive files.

The parent folder of the old files was removed. Thus the contents in it will be lost. 
The shared old files were removed or permanently deleted by the owner. 
Google deleted your old files due to inactive accounts or illegal content. 
File sync issue. 

Yes, according to Google, it has the right to remove your items stored on Google Drive if you are inactive for a long period of time – 2 years.


But you will be warned before deleting. Please double-check your emails and notifications. If no desired items were found, this article will be useful in learning how to recover deleted files from Google Drive.

Fix: Google Drive automatically delete old files

This part will walk you through several solutions. Just to remind you warmly, please check your Google Drive recycle bin first before going through the fixes.

It will be easy to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin if the items haven’t been removed from the bin.

Solution 1. Efficiently recover deleted files from Google Drive if permanently deleted

But things go backfired sometimes. It is very likely for you to find nothing in the Recycle Bin, which means that the files were permanently removed from your storage space.

At this time, it will be hard for ordinary users to retrieve it by themselves. At this time, you might as well choose a professional Windows data recovery app to help you.

Using a tool, the inbuilt scanning techs and useful features will facilitate your data recovery process and save you time.

MyRecover - Make data recovery easier
  • Restore deleted and missing files from HDD/SSD/SD card/USB.
  • Select over 200 types of files to recover, including jpg/png/avi/mp4/docx/xlsx/ppt/zip, etc.
  • Deleted files could be restored with the original intact filename/format/directory.
  • Choose what you want to recover while scanning.
  • Support Windows 11/10/8/7/Server.
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Step 1. Run the software > hover the mouse over the source drive where the old files were stored > click Scan.


Step 2. During the scanning, you could sort and search for wanted files using extensions, filenames, and filters.


Step 3. Choose Deleted files > go to the original file location > select what your need and click Recover x files.


In this way, you could efficiently and quickly recover deleted files from Google Drive.

Solution 2. Recover Google Drive files from Admin Console

Except for using professional programs, you could also turn to other features that Google offers. But it might be more limited.

If you are using a G Suite account, contacting the administrator will be helpful as well. It helps recover deleted files even if you have accidentally emptied the Recycle Bin in 25 days.

Steps for Admin to restore Google Drive files will be provided.

This method requires the specific date range of wanted files.

Step 1. Sign in to the Google Admin Console > Users.


Step 2. Choose the affected user > right-click on it > RETORE DATA.


Step 3. Specify the date range > RESTORE.


In this way, the files during the range will be restored.

Solution 3. Contact the Google Drive Support

Users who are not using a G Suite account could try turning to Google Drive Support for help if the files were not that vital and you are not in such a hurry.


Google Drive Support can help recover deleted files from Google Drive in about 48 hours.

Only when you are the owner of the files can Google Drive Support help you restore them.

Step 1. Go to the Google Drive Help site > log in to your account > Input the required info > I consent to allow Google to attempt to recover files… > Submit.


Step 2. They will send a reply to you in about 12-48 hours.


After that, see if the files were back in the original location.

Solution 4. Check if the shared files were removed by the owner

As has been told, when the owner removes/permanently deletes/cancels the sharing of the files, you will lose access to them.

>> So, if you find or suspect Google Drive automatically delete old files from your account, you could try to contact the owner to share the files with you to regain access.

Solution 5. Check the file sync

Another relative fix is to check the file sync. Google Drive files are synced between your local drive and the server via a network. Sometimes, the working condition of the network will affect the file sync.

>> Try to disconnect the network > re-connect it > re-sync the files and check if you could access the wanted old Google drive files.

Related suggestions

5 feasible fixes are introduced to help you fix the issue of “Google Drive automatically delete old files”.

For the sake of convenience and efficiency, using an outstanding and useful Windows data recovery program will be preferable.

Or also, you could turn to your administrator, Google Drive Help, the file owner, etc.

To prevent file loss from happening again, some suggestions are prepared.

  • Delete files prudently.
  • Do not empty the recycle bin readily.
  • Back up essential files and data in different places.
  • Use professional backup software for Windows to protect your data.
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