The Top Alternative to Geek Squad SD Card Recovery [2024]

Fed up with Geek Squad's sky-high prices? Read on to uncover simple do-it-yourself methods and alternatives to Geek Squad SD card recovery.


By Lora / Updated on April 3, 2024

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Are you experiencing data loss on your SD card or hard drive? Geek Squad data recovery may be a trusted option, but their process can be cumbersome and unsuitable for urgent data retrieval. Moreover, their service fees can be pretty shocking.


Can anybody help with my Corrupt SD card data recovery?


So right now, I'm debating between taking it to Best Buy to see what their "geek squad" people can do or just hitting it with cheaper data recovery software since it charges me so high.


- Question from Reddit


Some users found that sending their devices to data recovery services can cost more than they can afford, and they are very willing to find another way out which is more cost effective and quick.

Luckily, there are cost-effective DIY alternatives to Geek Squad for SD card data recovery. This article explores good SD card recovery software that allows you to recover your data without breaking the bank.

Firstly, let’s start with what Geek Squad is and how does Geek Squad work.


What is Geek Squad SD card recovery?

Geek Squad is a subsidiary of Best Buy, a renowned electronics retailer in the United States. Their data recovery service specializes in retrieving data from various storage media such as internal and external devices, USB flash drives, and memory cards.

When your storage devices are severely physically damaged, e.g., you need to recover data from a dead external hard drive, it will be a good choice.

How much does Geek Squad hard drive recovery cost? Depending on the device type, damage severity, and data volume, their service fees range from $200 to $3000. Furthermore, an initial consultation fee of $49.99 is charged.

How does Geek Squad work to recover data?

✍ Step 1. Consultation with an Agent

Schedule an appointment and bring your SD card or other storage device for data recovery. An agent will diagnose the cause of data loss, with an initial service charge of $49.99.

✍ Step 2. Estimation

If the recovery process from your storage device is not difficult, Geek Squad Data Recovery will conduct it in-store for an additional $200. However, for complex cases, your storage device will be sent to Geek Squad City for further diagnosis.

✍ Step 3. Data Recovery

The Geek Squad team will handle your lost data professionally, addressing issues ranging from simple file deletion to severe data loss caused by physical damage.

✍ Step 4. Data Return

Once the SD card recovery process is complete, your data will be sent to you. To avoid additional storage costs, you have the option to provide your own storage device to save the recovered data.

Then, since Geek Squad is a reliable choice when you need to perform dropped hard drive recovery on damaged devices, why do people still need other approaches? Check it out in the following section.

Why do you need an alternative for Geek Squad SD card recovery?

While Geek Squad's hard drive recovery service requires minimal effort on your part, it has a few inherent drawbacks. Some of these include:

  • High Costs: Geek Squad's prices for data recovery are expensive - Even simple recovery jobs can cost well above $150; what’s more, additional charges may apply without external storage.
  • Slow Data Recovery: Geek Squad's service can take a long time, leaving your device inactive.
  • Incomplete Recovery: There's no guarantee that all your data will be recoverable, but you will still be charged the full-service amount, including any trips to the official service center.
  • Device Reset: When you get your device back, it's wiped clean and reset to factory settings, requiring extra setup. It's advisable to back up SD card data before sending your SD cards to Geek Squad.
  • Privacy Concerns: There have been cases of employees accessing customers' private data, posing a risk to your digital privacy.
  • Security Risks: After data retrieval, any previously closed backdoors are reopened, and you may need to upgrade security measures and change account logins.

Considering all the shortcomings of Geek Squad, you might as well look before you leap, assess the damage and severity of data loss, and then decide whether you need to pay an exorbitant fee.

For instance, if you have just accidentally deleted photos from SD cards, there is no need to pay high bills.

Then, what is the best alternative to Geek Squad when you encounter data loss due to deletion/formatting/system crash/virus?

What is the best alternative to the Geek Squad SD card recovery?

After learning something about the recovery process in Geek Squad Data Recovery, you can see some noticeable shortcomings. For instance, the starting cost of $49.99 is expensive for simple data recovery. Additionally, the diagnostic process and long recovery time can be highly inconvenient, particularly when you need recovered data urgently.

Thankfully, if you find Geek Squad's SD card data recovery services too costly and are seeking a convenient and budget-friendly solution, there are many suitable alternative SD card recovery software available that won't drain your wallet. You could rely on MyRecover to recover deleted files from SD cards without Geek Squad.

This section introduces MyRecover, a standout DIY solution with a comprehensive feature set and affordable pricing plans.

Key Features of MyRecover

Check the main features of MyRecover, this advanced data recovery software for SD cards and other storage devices.

High Recovery Rate: Achieving data recovery rates of up to 95%.
Advanced scanning method: MyRecover runs Quick Scan & Deep Scan automatically to search all the recoverable files.
Broad Format Support: Recovering over 200 file types, including photos, videos, Microsoft Office files, compressed files, folders, audio, songs, and websites, from various storage devices.
Compatibility with Multiple Devices: Works with SD cards, USB drives, HDDs, SSDs, and more. 
Designed for Diverse Data Loss Scenarios: Offers comprehensive recovery solutions for various scenarios, including deletion, disk formatting, system crashes, and virus attacks. 
Download SoftwareWin 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

The free version of MyRecover allows you to recover up to 500MB of files at no cost. Consider upgrading to the Pro or Tech versions for unlimited data recovery across multiple devices.

Monthly, yearly, and lifetime plans are available, with pricing details below.

  Free Version MyRecover Pro MyRecover Technician Availability
Monthly $0.00 $39.95 $99.00 Upgrade now >>
Yearly $59.95 $199.00
Lifetime $69.95 $99.95 $299.00 $399.00
Differences Recover data free 500MB Recover unlimited data on 1 computer/license Recover unlimited data on unlimited computers/licenses

How to recover files from SD card efficiently using MyRecover

In contrast to the complex process of Best Buy Geek Squad data recovery, MyRecover offers a user-friendly and straightforward approach. To recover your lost data using MyRecover, follow these steps:

Before data recovery, please do not try adding any files to the SD card/reformatting it/rebuilding MBR, etc., in case the data recovery rate will decrease. 
Due to frequent data writing and deletion, SD card files are detected through the Deep Scan process, which handles fragmentation.

Step 1. Install and launch MyRecover > connect the SD card > hover the mouse over the SD card saved deleted files before, and click Scan.


Step 2. Utilize sorting options like Date Modified, Type, Size, etc., to quickly preview and locate your files. While scanning, feel free to filter/preview/choose files to recover.

  • Name: Type the relevant filenames in the search bar to quickly locate your desired deleted/lost files.
  • Date modified: Set a customized date (today, yesterday, last 7 or 30 days, etc.)
  • Size: Filter the file size (<128KB, 128KB~1MB, 1MB~512MB, etc.)


Step 3. Navigate to the "Other Missing Files" section, select the desired files, and click "Recover X Files" to restore your data from the SD card.


E.g., choosing Videos, you can select and recover deleted videos from micro SD cards.


Evaluate the edges and shortcomings before making your decision.


  • Cost-effective subscription plans.
  • The free version allows 500MB of data recovery.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Applicable to a wide range of data loss situations.
  • Preview, filter, sort, and recover options available during scanning.


  • Does not support Mac OS.


When it comes to data recovery, it is crucial to select a program that promptly meets your needs. MyRecover can be the best assistant and a great alternative to Geek Squad SD card Recovery. No matter what occurs to your SD card, MyRecover can help you recover data without backup from your SD card easily and conveniently.


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