FreeUndelete Review: Detailed Review 2024

Wondering if FreeUndelete is any good? Read this FreeUndelete review to know its key features, pros, cons and more. Moreover, you can get an excellent FreeUndelete alternative tool.


By Lori / Updated on April 2, 2024

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Although we don't want to lose important files, data loss is quite common due to hard drive failure, formatting failure, and data corruption. If you have lost your important files, you'll be scarred when you can't get them back.


Among data recovery software, FeeUndelete is a popular data recovery option. However, some users may ask if there is a better alternative to FreeUndelete. If you have a similar question, you have come to the right place, this detailed FreeUndelete review will take you a closer look at FeeUndelete in 2024.

Part 1: FreeUndelete Review: Is It Good Enough?

FreeUndelete is a portable data recovery tool from OfficeRecovery. This tool can recover deleted files from Windows Recycle Bin and other storage devices with simple operations.


Now, let’s learn more about FreeUndelete Data Recovery review to dive into its key features, pros and cons.

Key features:

  • Ease of Use: User-friendly and no special skills
  • File systems supported: Apply to various file systems, including NTFS 1.0, NTFS 2.0, FAT12, FAT16, and FAT32.
  • Compatible Operating Systems: Including Windows XP, 2000, NT 4 (SP2 or higher required), Windows 7, Windows 2003 Server, and Windows 2008 Server.

👍 Pros:

  • Free for individual use
  • Support file preview
  • Support recover individual and entire files

👎 Cons:

  • Outdated interface design
  • FreeUndelete requires a license ($69+) for business use
  • Unable to effectively recover data except accidentally deleted files
  • Cannot scan the entire drive thoroughly to find all recoverable files
  • Slow drive scanning speeds and no deep scan option
  • Drive is unavailable during the scan to prevent the process from terminating
  • Not compatible with Mac systems

Is FreeUndelete Safe to Use?

Based on security checks, it appears that FreeUndelete is indeed safe to use. Here are the  reasons for you:

1️⃣ FreeUndelete does not contain any adware or spyware.

2️⃣ No viruses or malware encrypted in FreeUndelete's code.

3️⃣ No dangerous elements were detected by antivirus programs like AVG and Malwarebytes.

4️⃣ No need to send data over an internet connection.

How to Use FreeUndelete

We provide a step-by-step guide to recover deleted files with a simple click via FreeUndelete. Please follow the steps below:

Step 1. Download FreeUndelete from the official website and run it on your computer. Select the device that saved your deleted or missing data and click Scan.


Step 2. Wait a few minutes to complete the scan, you will see a list of found files. Then, select the files you want to restore and click Undelete. You'll also be able to filter the scan results and change the directory in which you want to save the restored files at the bottom.


Step 3. Select a new location to save the recovered files in a new location.

Part 2: Best FreeUndelete Alternative - MyRecover

As you can see, FreeUndelete is a lightweight and user-friendly tool suitable for basic file recovery tasks, especially for accidentally deleted files.

However, for more complex or challenging data recovery situations like recovering lost data caused by disk formatting or system crashes, it might fail to satisfy you. You might need to explore more powerful and specialized data recovery solutions available in the market.

In this case, MyRecover is your best choice. It is suitable for more complex data recovery scenarios and excels at recovering deleted and lost files with two advanced scanning methods.

Professional Data Card Recovery Software
  • Recover 200+ types of files: images, videos, MS Office files, WPS files, folders, ZIP, RAR, websites, etc.
  • All-inclusive: Apply to a variety of data loss scenarios such as deletion, disk formatting, system crashes, or virus infection.
  • Advanced scanning method: MyRecover runs Quick Scan & Deep Scan automatically to search all the recoverable files on your selected drive.
  • Enabling advanced file filtering and preview by Files Type, Size, Date, etc. to save your time and effort.

👍 Pros:

  • Preserve original file names, paths, and formats of deleted files
  • Offers options to pause, filter, or preview specific files
  • Provide thorough results
  • Cheap price
  • Backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Has a high success rate

👎 Cons:

  • No support for Mac and Linux OS

How to use MyRecover to recover data? Please download this powerful data recovery software now!

Step 1. Install and run MyRecover. Hover the mouse over the drive saved deleted files before, and click Scan.


Step 2. MyRecover runs Quick Scan & Deep Scan automatically to search all the recoverable files on your selected drive.


Step 3. A list of data found by MyRecover will appear. Choose your desired files to recover, and click Recover x files.


Step 4. Select a new location to save the recovered files and click Select Folder to confirm it.

Select Location


What types of files can FreeUndelete recover?
FreeUndelete is designed to recover accidentally deleted files, including documents, photos, videos, and other common file types.
Can FreeUndelete recover files from formatted drives?
No, FreeUndelete is more suitable for recovering accidentally deleted files and may not be as effective for formatted drives. For complex recovery tasks, more powerful tools like MyRecover, Disk Drill, Minitool, etc.
What kind of storage devices can FreeUndelete work with?
FreeUndelete can recover files from various storage devices, including hard drives, USB drives, and memory cards.
Is FreeUndelete recommended for complex data recovery tasks?
No, FreeUndelete is better suited for simple recovery tasks. For more complex data loss scenarios, users should consider more powerful and specialized data recovery solutions.
Does FreeUndelete have a file size limit for recovery?
FreeUndelete does not specify a strict file size limit for recovery. It can recover files of various sizes, from small documents to larger multimedia files.
Is FreeUndelete Free?
Yes, FreeUndelete is free for personal use. It's open-source software available for download on their official website without any charge.
While users have the option to donate to support the developers, it's essential to note that the business license, intended for commercial use, does come with a price tag of $69.95.


Being able to recover data thoroughly and intuitively in GUI is important. We hope this FreeUndelete review helped you understand it and its best alternative like MyRecover. You can recover lost and deleted files via MyRecover with a high data recovery success rate.

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