Salvaging Your Data: How to Fix a Failed Seagate External Hard Drive

Discover solutions to address a failed Seagate external hard drive, covering diverse methods and the advanced features of MyRecover for data recovery. This comprehensive guide ensures you can salvage your data and revive your Seagate drive.


By Lori / Updated on January 17, 2024

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A failed Seagate external hard drive can spell disaster for your stored data, leaving you in a state of panic. Fear not, as this comprehensive guide is here to provide you with effective methods to fix the issue and salvage your valuable information. From basic troubleshooting to the advanced capabilities of MyRecover, let's embark on the journey of reviving your Seagate external hard drive.

Seagate External Hard Drive

Fix Failed Seagate External Hard Drive: Understanding the Challenge

Encountering a failed Seagate external hard drive can be attributed to various factors, including physical damage, file system corruption, or issues with the drive's internal components. Understanding the challenge is the first step towards finding a solution.

Methods to Revive Your Seagate External Hard Drive

1. Check Power and Connections

The simplest yet crucial step is to ensure that your Seagate external hard drive is receiving power and is properly connected.

Steps to Check Power and Connections:

  1. Confirm that the power adapter is functioning and the drive is receiving power.
  2. Use a different USB or power cable to rule out cable issues.
  3. Try connecting the drive to a different USB port on your computer.

2. Run Windows Disk Check Utility

Windows provides a built-in utility to check and repair file system issues on external hard drives.

Steps to Run Disk Check Utility:

  1. Connect the Seagate drive to your computer.
  2. Open Command Prompt as an administrator.
  3. Type "chkdsk /f X:" (replace X with the drive letter assigned to your Seagate drive) and press Enter.
  4. Allow the utility to scan and repair the drive.

3. Utilize Seagate Diagnostic Tools

Seagate offers diagnostic tools that can help identify and address issues with their external hard drives.

Steps to Use Seagate Diagnostic Tools:

  1. Download and install the Seagate diagnostic tool from the official website.
  2. Connect your Seagate drive and run the diagnostic tool.
  3. Follow on-screen prompts to perform diagnostics and apply recommended fixes.

4. MyRecover: Your Data Salvation

Rescuing Data with MyRecover

MyRecover emerges as a powerful tool for data recovery from failed Seagate external hard drives, offering a user-friendly interface and advanced features.

MyRecover Features:

  • Seagate External Hard Drive Recovery: MyRecover specializes in recovering data from Seagate external hard drives, irrespective of the failure cause.
  • Preview and Selective Recovery: Preview recoverable files before initiating the recovery process, allowing you to selectively recover essential data.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: MyRecover provides a step-by-step wizard for a seamless recovery experience.

MyRecover Recovery Steps:

Download and Install MyRecover:

  • Visit the official MyRecover website and download the latest version.
  • Install MyRecover on your computer.

Connect Seagate Drive:

  • Connect your failed Seagate external hard drive to the computer.

Launch MyRecover and Select Seagate Recovery:

  • Open MyRecover and choose the Seagate external hard drive recovery option from the main menu.

Choose Recovery Options:

  • Select the type of data you want to recover and choose the Seagate drive as the target.

Initiate the Recovery Process:

  • Follow the on-screen instructions provided by the MyRecover wizard to initiate the recovery process.

Preview and Confirm Recoverable Data:

  • MyRecover allows you to preview the recoverable files.
  • Select the data you want to recover and confirm the recovery process.

Complete the Recovery:

  • MyRecover will complete the recovery process, salvaging your data from the failed Seagate drive.

Fix Failed Seagate External Hard Drive - Salvaging Your Data

Dealing with a failed Seagate external hard drive can be challenging, but with the right methods and tools, you can salvage your valuable data. Whether it's checking power and connections, running disk check utilities, utilizing Seagate diagnostic tools, or harnessing the recovery capabilities of MyRecover, there's a solution tailored to your needs.


In conclusion, a failed Seagate external hard drive doesn't have to mean permanent data loss. By following the methods outlined in this guide, users can troubleshoot and recover data effectively. MyRecover, in particular, stands out as a reliable tool for seamless data recovery, ensuring your information remains intact.


Can MyRecover recover data from physically damaged Seagate drives?

MyRecover is designed to recover data from various issues, including physical damage. However, success may vary based on the extent of the damage.

How long does the MyRecover recovery process take?

The duration depends on factors such as the size of the drive and the amount of data to be recovered. MyRecover aims for efficient and timely recovery.

Are there any risks of data loss during the Seagate diagnostic tool process?

The Seagate diagnostic tool is designed to identify and fix issues without causing data loss. Follow prompts carefully for a safe diagnostic process.

What should I do if Seagate diagnostic tools don't identify any issues?

If issues persist, consider seeking professional help for a thorough assessment and potential repairs.

Can I use MyRecover for data recovery on other external hard drive brands?

Yes, MyRecover is a versatile tool that supports data recovery from various external hard drive brands, providing a comprehensive solution.

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