Data Protection Software

Individual files such as music, photos, video, or working documents, and business files such as financial statement, meeting shedule, client information, or contact, etc, are stored in form of digital version. They are being menaced by any accidents. Hacking, virus, HDD physical damage, and even computer poweroff can crush your data and cause a huge of loss.

AOMEI Backupper is a best data protection software that offer backup, restore and clone data function for individuals freely. You can protect your personal data and files with FREE AOMEI Backupper Standard edition. For business data, it has more higher requirements on operation system and functions, We recommend you to use AOMEI Backupper Server or AOMEI Backupper technician-plus.

What Can Data Protection Software Do for You?

  • Backup And Restore

    Easaily backup and restore data and files on disk, partition, and system.

  • Clone and Migrate

    Safely migrate system [Paid], partition, and disk from one place to another.

  • Utilities & Setting

    Allow you to create bootable media, merge image [Paid], compress, and encrypt images.

  • Backup management

    Backup data and files on regular time, and delete obsolete backup images.

If you want to backup more than one PC or laptop, you can buy AOMEI Backupper Professonal edition. As a best kind of data backup software, it offers AOMEI Backupper technician edition to allow you to maintain multiple PC or laptop within one company, and offer profitable technical services to others.

How to Backup System with data protection software?