By Teresa / Last Updated January 8, 2020

Overview on MapMyIndia SD Card

The SD card, sold in MapMyIndia store, is very popular among people who go out often in India. According to its official website, it provides best available offline maps in India which gives complete voice guided navigation solution for user’s car Indash system and makes it a companion on their trips. It has great compatibility with many assist devices and supports many languages, which are very convenient for foreigners.

You may want to do MapMyIndia SD card copy out of different reasons. For example, copy SD card to larger SD card to upgrade device capacity. Or, copy SD card to computer or other places in case of SD card loss. No matter what reason you’re hold, it is more important to learn how to make a copy for MapMyIndia SD card.

Best Free SD Card Copy Tool for MapMyIndia device

To move data from MapMyIndia SD card, it is recommended to use the best free SD card device copy software, AOMEI Backupper Standard. Only several steps needed in the entire process, will the SD card be copied to other locations. It provides easy-to-use copy guide and user-friendly interface, which are suitable for all groups of users.

More important, there would leave no unallocated space after cloning smaller SD card to larger SD card if you select the option “Add unused space to all partitions”. Besides, to make sure every sector is copied, you can also choose clone the SD card with “Sector-by-sector clone” mode. It is a good way to recover lost files on the SD card as well.

Now, free download the software, Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP supported, and have a try.

How to Copy MapMyIndia SD Card without Data Loss Step by Step?


  • A Windows-based PC.

  • MapMyIndia SD card reader.

  • New storage device like another SD card or external disk to copy MapMyIndia SD card to.

Detailed Steps with Screenshots

Following will take copy SD card to SD card (larger) for example. Let’s get to know the detailed steps.

1. Connect the MapMyIndia SD card to your computer via an SD card reader. Make sure it can be detected (If not, please refer to SD card not showing up in Windows). Connect the target SD card well.

2. Install and run AOMEI Backupper Standard on the computer. Click “Clone” and then “Disk Clone”.

MapMyIndia SD card copy

3. Select the MapMyIndia SD card as the source disk.

Select MapMyIndia SD card

4. Select the larger target SD card as the destination disk.

Select destination disk

5. Preview the operation. Click “Edit partitions on the destination disk” and select the second option to fit partitions to the entire device.

Edit Partitions

6. Click “Start Clone” after confirmation.

Start Clone


  • Align partitions to optimize for SSD: check this partition to improve performance if you clone SD card to SSD.

  • Sector-by-sector clone: by checking this option will make “Edit partitions on the destination disk” option unavailable.


If you want to do MapMyIndia SD card copy for backup or upgrading, it is recommended to do it with the best free SD card copy tool. The professional tool will copy all partitions on the SD card to the destination disk, without losing data.

Further, it also provides “Partition Clone” feature which allows you to clone only one or two partitions from the selected SD card. The all-around software also offers reliable and robust backup solutions as you can see from the screenshot, system backup, disk backup, file backup, etc. Therefore, it is suggested to keep it installed on the computer to protect your Windows in all-round.