By AOMEI / Last Updated October 28, 2019

Question: Recently, I have a headache. That is my computer faces a serious "low disk space" problem. In this case, I can not install any application or store any data or file on it. What is worse, the computer runs more and more slowly. Sometimes, it even crashes. As for the well-known popularity of SSD (Solid State Drive) and its advantage of high performance, I just decide to buy one to clone operating system hard drive so as to replace my old and small HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

As we all know, when buying a new hard drive, the first thing must be to install the operating system and necessary applications. As for my case, I already have a Windows OS, some necessary applications and many important data and files on my old hard drive. But the Windows snap-in functions of "copying" and "pasting" can only transfer the data and file to the new SSD. As for the Windows OS and the applications, it can not work. So I wonder is there a powerful tool to clone operating system hard drive without reinstalling OS and applications?

Answer: Of course, yes. With the rapid development of computer technology, many disk problems that can not be figured out in the past have several available solutions. So does the OS hard drive transferring. A powerful and free software, AOMEI Backupper can complete this task just like a piece of cake.

Powerful Freeware to Clone Operating System Hard Drive

As an easy-to-use software, AOMEI Backupper can clone most of the Windows OS, such as, Windows Server 2000/2003/2008, XP, Vista, Win7 as well as Windows 8. It has disk clone and partition clone. As for the cloning method, it has two: sector-by-sector clone and quick clone.

  • Quick clone refers to clone the used space on the disk or partition. During the operating process, the size of the partitions can be readjusted. In this case, it supports cloning big hard disk to smaller one.

  • Sector-by-sector clone refers to clone the whole space of the hard disk, whether it is used or not. It requires more time.

Note: During the operating process, this clone software can automatically align partition to optimize the SSD performance.

Let's see the main interface of this tool as below.

Apart from the function of cloning OS drive, this freeware can also do backup and recovery excellently. Please download this tool and have a try.