By AOMEI / Last Updated October 28, 2019

Introduction of Hard Drive Cloning

According to Wiki, disk cloning refers to copy the content of the hard disk of my computer to another or to an image file. It can be completed straightly from one to another. Or it can be realized through two steps. First, clone hard drive to an image file. then, load another disk with the image file. Usually, hard drive cloning can be used for many purposes, such as, hard disk upgrade, data transferring and so on. Next, let's see its usages in detail. As far as I am concerned, the usages of hard drive cloning can be classified from two main aspects.

System Drive Cloning

As we all know, installing operating system is complex and time-consuming. So that the biggest advantage of cloning system drive is time-saving. The image file made by cloning system drive can be applied to personal and business use. That is to say, for business use, the image file can be used on each computer among a company with the same configuration. For personal use, the image file can be transferred to another user.

Disk cloning

As for this option, it is mainly used to upgrade hard disk. For instance, if the computer faces a "low disk space" problem, the computer may run more and more slowly. Even the system may crash of the space is extremely low. In this case, disk cloning can help to upgrade the old and small hard disk to a new and larger hard disk easily and effectively. In addition, with the image file created by disk cloning, the users can replace their damaged hard disk, and also can replace their large HDD with a small SSD, which can offer better performance.

After having some acknowledgement of the hard dive cloning, in order to carry out the operations, there must be an excellent hard drive cloning software first. Then, a powerful freeware, AOMEI Backupper will be strongly recommended to all the users.

Powerful Hard Drive Cloning Software

This professional and free hard drive cloning software can provide the users with an easy and convenient way to resolve many disk problems. As for clone, it can clone system drive, hard disk and partition easily and safely. This tool can complete the cloning operations by two means: quick clone and sector-by-sector clone. The picture below is the screenshot of its main interface.

You can see the detailed steps of partition clone here.

Except the function of cloning, this hard drive cloning software also owns many other functions as well, such as, disk/partition backup and recovery, image file checking, create bootable CD and so on. Then you could just download this cloning software to try it out in person