Backup and Sync Is No Longer Available: Try Another Free Way

You must wondering why Google Backup and Sync are no longer available, here will tell you the answer and offer you 1 fix and 1 tip!


By Maggie Updated on September 8, 2023

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User case: Backup and sync no longer available Notification popup

It driving me insane. Every time I log in to my computer this incessant window pops up and tells me Backup and Sync is no longer available, and I should migrate to Google Drive. I know!! I have!!! I downloaded and installed Google Drive desktop, and its installed and working. Yet this popup still tells me this every time. How do I get rid of the blasted thing?!

There is no entry in remove programs, the system tray icon with the three dots only allows you to quit. The preferences option is greyed out. Once I quit it, it will come back on restart or logout and log back into Windows. Where is it installed, can I delete the folder? Is there a registry entry I could remove to stop it from launching? Please help this is insan

- Question from Microsoft Community

Backup and Sync Is No Longer Available Message

Why is backup and sync no longer available?

The previous user case has been reported by many people. Backup and sync is no longer available message will pop out when you plan to use such services. Then

Previously, Google Drive offered users two separate desktop applications: "Backup and Sync" for individual users and "Drive File Stream" for organizations. However, Google Drive made an important announcement stating that starting from October 1, 2021, users find out Google backup and Sync no longer available. Instead, it would be replaced by "Drive for desktop," which represents the unified version that combines the functionality of the two previous desktop apps.

How to respond: Switch to Google Drive for Desktop

If your files are stored within your Google account, it's crucial to transition to Google Drive for Desktop. This shift is vital for accessing functionalities like "Stream files" or "Mirror files," which were formerly accessible through Backup and Sync. To facilitate this transition, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to Google Drive's download page and download Drive for Desktop.

Step 2. Install the Drive on your computer.

Install Drive for Desktop

Step 3. Sign in to your Google account, and then right-click on the tray icon for Google Drive.

Click on Drive for Desktop Icon

Step 4. Next, click on the Settings cogwheel icon, and then select Resume Syncing.

Resuem Syncing

As for now, you can fix the backup and sync is no longer available issue. however, we provide you with one simpler and free way as follows:

Try another reliable free alternative----AOMEI Backupper

Suppose you're done with Google's changes and constantly having to face hassle when trying to backup files. In that case, you can try a professional and better alternative – AOMEI Backupper. This is the full-featured backup and restore software, offering powerful sync and clone functions as well.

▶For compatibility: this software supports various Windows OS, such as Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista. If you are a Server user, please upgrade to its Server version.
▶Backup and sync: This software enables you to backup/sync files and folders, partitions, disks. Meanwhile, you could backup C drive to ensure the system runs smoothly.
▶Schedule backup/sync modes: It creates auto backups, you can backup/sync items in daily/ weekly/ monthly/ event triggers and USB plug-in mode when you set it.
▶Multiple paths (an important way to improve data security): You can backup your files to different locations like local and external disks, networks, and different cloud devices such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and so on.

Before you start, please download this free backup software on your computer.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Launch AOMEI Backupper Standard. Then, select Backup > File Backup.

You can backup files to AOMEI Cloud with Cloud Backup feature and enjoy 1TB free storage in 15 days.

File Backup

Step 2. Click Add File or Add Folder, then select the files or folders that you want to backup.

Add Folders Files

Step 3. Click the inverted triangle at the right edge of the second bar and choose the destination path to save your files.

Step 4. Confirm all your operations and click Start Backup to start.

For backup methods: You can use full backup, incremental backup (default) and differential backup. The last two backup methods are in the Pro edition to back up only changed files to save disk space.
For cleanup methods: You have 3 options: By quantity, By daily/weekly/monthly, and By time. All of them help you directly delete older backups and make up more space.



Backup and sync is no longer available since Google stopped offering such a service. Hence you can try another way, Google Drive for Desktop. However, we kindly suggest you to backup your important data via free but wonderful backup and restore software AOMEI Backupper. This software is user-friendly and backup everything only with a few clicks. You will never regret to have a try!

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