By Teresa / Last Updated March 17, 2017

Why Need the Safest Way to Backup Data?

How do you backup files normally, copy them to external hard drive or backup with Windows internal backup utility? For sure, there is nothing wrong with these conventional backup methods. But, looking for the safest way to backup confidential or sensitive data? Probably it is time to search for other answers. There are two potential factors that may affect your backups.

If your data like thesis and photos updates constantly, it is important to keep regular backups. At the beginning, you might be able to remember backing up files right after you update them. However, after a period of time, you may forget to back them up now and then maybe when something urgent happens. Fortunately, regular backups like daily, weekly, or monthly also known as schedule backup can solve this kind of problems perfectly. For instance, automatically backup files to external hard drive.

In another case, from the perspective of data security, your confidential files may be attacked by hacker or virus when you do backup online. When your PC connects to network, many uncertain factors or potential dangers may appear. This may damage your valuable files when running backups, for example, make them unreadable. A safe way to backup data is disconnect network and run the backup locally.

What is the Safest Way to Backup Data?

Aforementioned corresponding solutions may solve the issues suitably. Nevertheless, to chase the safest way to backup files, they are far away enough. Except for ensuring security in the process of backup, it is necessary to keep secure after backup. To be specific, during the process of backup, it is important to keep all files away from any outside factors, for example, run the backup in WinPE mode. Besides, after creating the backup, to protect the backup image from unauthorized access, it is important to encrypt the images, for example, password encryption.

AOMEI Backupper Professional is the exact software that can help you realize the safest way to backup PC, photos, files, etc. This can be proved by several features.

  • Create Bootable Media: This feature allows you to create a bootable USB drive or CD/DVD disc based on WinPE or Linux ISO file. In that mode, you don’t have to worry about online attacks aiming at your files.

Create Bootable Disc.gif

  • Schedule: Snap-in schedule backup function provides Daily, Weekly, Monthly as well as Event-trigger such as login, logoff, system shutdown backup modes. With any of these backup types, there is no reason to forget important updates.

Schedule Settings.gif

  • Password Encryption: This function allows you to set password for backup images, so even if you place them on USB drive or external hard drive, it is safe.


Steps to Backup Data in the Safest Way via AOMEI Backupper

Following will take backup data in WinPE mode for example. To backup data with scheduled mode only, you can operate under Windows environment.

1. Download (free trial), install and launch this software. AOMEI Backupper supports backup to external hard drive, NAS, network shared, or USB drive, etc. If you want to backup files to any of these locations, connect it to your PC.

2. At the main console, go Utilities > Create Bootable Media. Then follow the wizard to create a bootable device.

3. After creating bootable device, shut down your computer. Then boot it from the new created bootable device. Once log in, you’ll see AOMEI Backupper again. Start it.

4. This time, click Backup at the main interface. Then click File Backup. To backup entire PC, please click Disk Backup.

5. In “Step1”, click Add Folder > Browse to add the files you want to backup.

6. Click the box behind “Step2” to add the target backup path.

7. Click Start Backup.

Tips: Scheme: This function helps you manage backup storage by deleting old backups automatically.

Backup Scheme.gif


No matter which method you are using, to keep data safe, regular backups are unavoidable. Even if you have the safest way to backup data, once you lose the backup image, things may go wrong. Thus, back up a backup if available. AOMEI Backupper is also great cloning software that can do you a big favor in disk upgrading. For example, you can use it to clone HDD to mSATA SSD or just move OS to smaller drive and keep files on the old HDD.