How to Protect Your Files with Free and Convenient Backup So

October 9, 2016

Your system may crash because of viruses, disk damaged, or human error, which will result in important personal files loss. So protecting your files is essential for you to avoid the problem.

Why need to protect your files?

As we all know, with the development of the society, people’s work rely on computer more and more than before. Therefore, many people choose to store their important files, videos, or other significant information on computer due to the convenience of their work. However, sometimes computer experiences failure caused by viruses, software bugs, hardware failures, or human errors and the important data on computer will be lost. This makes you be in trouble with your work. So if you plan to store your files on a computer, you should protect your files.

The way to protect your files by backup

File backup refers to backup a file or folder to prevent data loss, for example, you can back up your important files, pictures, videos or other files. When there is something wrong with your computer, you can restore your data form file backup.

  • File Backup in Windows 7

Windows 7 features its own backup tool, also known as the Backup & Restore Feature. It creates a backup of your personal files and you can also include a system image to back up system settings and program files. Besides, the backup works on a weekly schedule, but the schedule can be customized or turned off. If your system is crashed, you can use the backup to restore personal files to a new installation of Windows.

Click Start and then click Control Panel.

Control Plane

Choose back up your Computer.

Backup File

With the built-in tool, you can’t compress your file which you have backed up. That’s to say, if the file is 4GB, the tool doesn’t have the function of compressing it into 2GB. It will take up more your storage space. Furthermore, you can’t directly choose the path you want to store your backup file.

  • File Backup with Free AOMEI Backupper Standard

There are a great number of data loss prevention tools with the functions of system backup, disk backup, and partition backup. However, besides these features, free AOMEI Backupper Standard can back up files and folders to removable USB drives, network or NAS easily. What’s more valuable for you is that the easy-to-use interface will make you easily know how to do file backup and avoid time consuming.

Main Interface

With the help of this software, you can back up your documents, music, pictures and videos. However, with time goes by, your files are increasing, so in order to make your important files have double insurance, we advise you to set up schedule backup which will help you protect your files regularly.