By Cherry / Last Updated July 7, 2020

NAS is an important role for storage

NAS, the network attached storage, is a kind of storage device for computer users. It is shared in a same LAN. All the individual users in the LAN can access the NAS device by reaching its IP address. NAS device is very convenient for sharing data, especially for home users and business. Sharing data on NAS drive will leave out many troubles. For example, you can get the data you want by accessing the NAS drive on your own computer instead of using other media. That’s why it plays an important role for storage.

As it is usually used, it may store many important information. NAS device brings you the convenience, meanwhile, it still faces the problem - data loss. To ensure the data safe, back them up is the best way.

A NAS backup strategy

To backup NAS, make a NAS backup strategy will make things easier and decrease the cost time. Here will introduce you the best NAS backup strategy for you.

● First, you need a backup software, which can help you backup NAS device or backup to NAS.

● Then, ensure the source data and destination place. You can backup data on your computer to NAS device, or you can backup your NAS to another NAS device, or to an external hard drive, or to a local other place.

● Last, try to setup an automatic backup NAS, so you do not need worry about that you forget to backup the increased and changed data.

The best NAS backup strategy should be balance all the conditions. Fortunately, there is a strategy for you.

Backup NAS with AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper is a powerful backup software for you to backup NAS, and it is free for Windows PC users. Using AOMEI Backupper to backup NAS is more flexible. After choosing the software, you can set up backup strategy with it.

Step1. Download AOMEI Backupper Standard, install and launch it. Then, you can choose what you want to backup by clicking Backup. Take File Backup as an example.

File Backup

Step2. It will show you the backup page for you to choose the source party and the destination party. Here you can select the NAS as the source party, and you can choose to backup NAS to another NAS device, or you can backup it to an external hard drive or other local place.

● First, click Add Folder->Browse->Share NAS.

Share NAS

● Then, click Add share or NAS device, type the IP address of your NAS drive.

IP Address

● Click it, all the folders on the NAS drive will be list here, select the folder you want to backup at the list. Click OK to confirm it.

Select Folder

● Finally, click “Step2” to select a destination place to store the backups on. Here we backup to a local other place F:\.

Destination Place

Step3. If you do not want to setup more for your backup, you can click Start Backup to launch the progress, and all you need to do is waiting till it’s done.

The NAS backup strategy with AOMEI Backupper does really help a lot. You can more time by creating an automatic backup by clicking Schedule, and you can even set up more through Backup Options. Besides, AOMEI Backupper provides you many other utilities, such as, clone Windows 7 system, backup files automatically, restore system, etc.