How to Backup My Files Easily

August 8, 2016

Knowing that backup files is an important thing, many users may confuse the question that "how to backup my files"? This article will introduce the ways for you.


“I lost all files on my computer including the photos, music, especially the documents, which is the most important files to me. I know that I should back my files up at the first time, but the operation is too tedious, and I had an illusion that my computer won’t break down and my files will be stored on the hard drive safely and security. Unfortunately, my computer crashed and I lost all data on the hard drive, and now, I cannot fix the problem. Oh my god! So, how to backup my files?”

How do I backup my files?

“How do I backup my files”? Many users may ask the question. If you want to backup your files, there are many ways you can use.

● Use the Windows built-in backup tool. Windows has its own backup utility. Such as, Windows 7 has the Backup and Restore function, Windows 8 has File History, and you can backup files on Windows 10 with Windows 7 Backup and Restore or Windows 8 File History. However, with Windows backup utility, you should take many steps which would annoy you and it will take a large space to store the files backup image, what’s the most important is that you cannot backup a single file with this tool.

● Use the simplest copy and paste way to replicate you files from one place to another place. It is the most intuitionistic way to backup your files on your computer. But, it can only do the simple replication and you must do it manually.

● Use a backup software to backup files as you want. The freeware AOMEI Backupper can backup your files without those restrictions of Windows built-in tool and the directly “copy and paste”, you can backup files more flexible with less operations.

Backup my files with AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper is a famous backup software that can help you backup system, disk, partition, files and folders in free for Windows operating systems including Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. It can backup data with less restrictions.

Before you do, you need figure out the files you want to backup. Then, make sure where you want to store the files backup image on. An external hard drive should be the best place: which is normal to backup your files on your computer’s hard drive to another different storage device, so you can keep your data safe when your hard drive gets damaged, and you can restore files from backup in a few minutes and run normal quickly.

Step1. Connect the external hard drive you prepared before and make sure it can be detected by your computer.

Step2. Download the freeware, install and launch it. In order to backup your files, click Backup-> File Backup.

File Backup

Step3. Select the files or folders you want to backup, you can select a single file or the whole folder, or you can backup files with a certain file extension with AOMEI Backupper. Then, select the external hard drive as the destination place to store the backup images, here the USB flash drive is shown as F:\. Then, click Start Backup to launch the progress.

Start Backup


● If you would like to schedule backup files and folders, you can click the Schedule at the bottom of this page to setup for daily, weekly, monthly automatic backup.

● You can setup more by Backup Options, such as add comments for your backup, set an email notification, etc.

After the progress done, clickFinish to exit. With this freeware AOMEI Backupper, backup your files could be very simple. Its friendly interface is suitable for everyone. Even you know nothing about computer, you can use this freeware alone.

After reading this, do you still have the question “how to backup my files”? If you know exactly, download this freeware and backup your data right now.